About us


Tradition & Quality

Since 1750 we treat fabrics; we have always done it in our city, Naples. Our experience has been passed down from generation to generation and only the best values ​​have stood the test of time. Today we know that what matters most is your style as an expression of your individuality, passion, character.

We are your “partner in style”.

Our collection includes:

– Linings
– Ready-To-Wear fashion
– Bride & Ceremony
– Dance & Events
– Carnival and Parties
– Bed linen and Tablecloths
– Furniture

The services that are dedicated to you are the following:

– Over 10 million meters of fabrics ready in our warehouses
– More than 1000 types of fabrics and patterns to choose from
– Shipping within 48 hours, anywhere in the world
– Two laboratories that verify and guarantee the quality and purity of our fabrics

Today, the most renowned fashion brands, the best producers and designers of bed linen and tablecloths, as well as thousands of dealers in Europe, the Americas and Asia, are part of our customers.