Cimmino Design Advice


In our long history and extremely varied experience we have developed a unique know-how in helping you – the designers – how to use the fabrics best.

For this reason we are offering a free Cimmino Design Advice service to you – our potential or current customer – on how to complete your collection, organize your production, choose and source fabrics, and manage logistics. All with the common goal to realize your designs and provide your customers with great value.

Our Cimmino Design Advice is focused on following areas:
– Fashion design,
– Dance clothing design,
– Costume design for film and theater,
– Costume design for individuals,
– Furniture design,
– Bed linen design,
– Interior design.

Cimmino Design Advice includes:
– Which fabrics best match your designs,
– How you can use the fabrics and your budget most efficiently,
– How you can scale up or down your production,
– How you can organize the fabric logistics locally or internationally to match your production needs and sales deadlines,
– Optimization of production processes.

We are available to offer Cimmino Design Advice to companies of any size from a single designers, small and medium companies, to multinationals. Our portfolio includes both international fashion brands and small local design shops. We also offer our advice service internationally.

To qualify for Cimmino Design Advice you must be a potential customer with intention to purchase our fabrics or an already an existing customer.

To start please contact us here.