Fabrics for hobbies and hancraft

Best fabrics for hobbies and handcraft

In recent years, the phenomenon of markets has become increasingly popular: fairs, festivals and so no, which demand the presence of exhibitors and artisans. Thanks to these events, artists can show their works, including the display of fabrics for hobbies and handcraft, clothes inspired by distant eras or the typical fantasy settings, objects and accessories made strictly by hand.

However, there is often confusion between “creative” and “hobbyists”, so it is essential to clarify the terminology to distinguish them.
Hobbyists are those who offer, sell, barter or expose occasionally goods of modest value that do not exceed the unit price of € 250.00, so much so that they can operate only in dedicated markets, such as those of used, antiques and collectibles.
These exhibitors, bound by specific laws, are issued by the municipality of residence the “DIY card“, if they decide to participate in events in their region. Otherwise, you will have to contact the municipality of the event in the region where you are not resident in order to exhibit and sell your products.

The legislation refers exclusively to hobbyists and not to creatives, who are instead those who through dexterity and ingenuity are able to create “new” goods, which are not the result of assembly, but real works of art. It so happens that those who create objects, paintings, bags, jewelry or sculptures to sell, even if it is a hobby and not for work, can not be considered a hobbyist according to the law.

For Cimmino, whether you are a hobbyist or a creative, it doesn’t really matter, since it offers an assorted catalogue of fabrics for hobbies and handcraft, just to meet the needs of everyone: let’s find out together which are the most loved ones.

Fabrics for hobbies and hancraft

Fabrics for hobbies

In the world of exhibitors there is this concept, according to which, when someone creates an article in an occasional and unprofessional way, he does it automatically as a hobby. The same legislation only adds to the confusion between the two categories by talking about “markets for hobbyists”, a term that we often attribute to those markets dedicated to creativity and craftsmanship. It is good to clarify once again that hobbyists, and therefore non-professional operators, can only sell antiques, collectibles, books, comics, prints and in general vintage things.
However, Cimmino offers us some vintage and nostalgic fabrics, able to take us back in time. Below you will find the selection.


Cimmino delights us with a wide selection of jute fabrics, a natural textile fiber very similar to hemp and that is used in many ways, especially to give a renewed and original look to old furniture, such as armchairs and sofas. With jute you can also make clothes and accessories such as bags, belts, curtains and pillows.

Natural Calcutta Jute Canvas, as the name suggests, is composed of 100% raw natural jute and has a dense texture, ideal for hobbies, decorations and packaging.

For those who prefer more colorful variations, you can also choose the Jute Canvas Calcutta Color, available in many shades: from white to brown, from red to burgundy, from apple green to dark green, from blue to black. Laminate Jute Canvas is the perfect fabric to show off in festive contexts.

Jute canvas, fabric for hobby and handcraft
Canvas Juta Calcutta Natural
Medieval canvas, fabric for hobbies and handcraft

Medieval Canvas

Linen and cotton blend fabric that thanks to its versatility and its raw color can be used in different sectors, to pack medieval clothes, cover old sofas and armchairs, make favors, runners and tablecloths for the home.

Hobby fabrics are perfect not only for giving life to old objects to exhibit, but also for making accessories and furniture for the home, for themselves, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Fabrics for handcraft

Also in this case Cimmino offers us an assorted catalogue of fabrics, perfect to create all kinds of products. Artisans are in fact the creatives par excellence, who can decide to sell their art as freelancers, doing a full-fledged job, or cultivate this passion as a pure hobby. Let’s find out together which are the other unmissable fabrics.

Gobelin Contemporary Fabric

The Gobelin fabric is mainly used to pack heavy clothing, especially jackets and vintage clothes, but also to make accessories of all kinds, from bags to furniture, up to accessories for animals. The peculiarity of this fabric is given by the imaginative prints, such as flowers, fruits, animals and landscapes, which gives it a typically retro aesthetic, accentuated by muted tones and patterns that are repeated.

Gobelin Contemporary, fabric for hobbies and hancraft
Panno Sublimatik, fabrics for hobbies and hancraft

Panno Sublimatik

Panno Sublimatik is a lightweight needle punch, also used in the most creative sectors, for patchwork and decorations, as well as for the creation of many handmade accessories, such as bags, cases, but also fabric earrings. The different patterns available are designed to meet everyone’s tastes.

Browse the Cimmino list and discover all the best fabrics for hobbies and handcraft!