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  • Crepe Marocain Agadir

    Very soft and double face fabric, since it is shiny and smooth on one side and matte and crepe on the other, available in several colours. Uses: jackets, classic suits, accessories and much more.

  • Tulle Atelier


    Polyamide’s tulle, extremely stable thanks to its net structure.
    Embroider suitable, find its best use as voluminazier on clothes surface, where eventually sew embroidery.
    This fabric is created combining texture stability and stitches endurance. An alternative fabric like this has yet to come on the market.
  • Tulle Ines Mano Seta


    Polyamide tulle width 300 cmtrs. With a silky handfeeling and soft touch, together with our article TULLE VALERIA is able to cover the full range of trendy colors. It is mainly oriented in the ceremony, cocktail and wedding dresses.

  • Organza

    Canvas woven fabric, thin and transparent with stiff hand-feel. It looks shiny.

    Suitable for many purposes.

  • Raso Duchesse Color

    Super smooth satin, narrow texture and glossy finishing. Available in a wide colours selection. Makes shaping pretty easy. Mostly used in bride-dresses or cocktails dresses.

  • Raso Duchesse Light

    E’ un raso dall’aspetto molto liscio, lucido e di mano consistente. Consente di sagomare perfettamente la figura. Viene particolarmente utilizzato per la realizzazione di abiti da sposa o da sera.

  • Tessuto Cotone Vichy

    Yarn- dyed fabric, narrow texture, classic squares pattern. Perfect for aprons, accessories, clothing, shirts, blouses manufacturing. Also suitable for decorations, hobby and wedding favours.

  • Tulle Recycled GRS

    Tulle certificated GRS, guarantees the use of recycled materials in respect of enviroment policy. Soft touch and stable texture, perfect to be used in clothing or as embroidery base.

  • Vellutino Kenya

    100% polyester velvet suitable for casual clothing and seasonal costumes.

  • Tullone Letizia

    Hard tul, good for petticoeat and dance accessories.

  • Tulle Valeria Mano Seta

    Tulle semi trasparente di mano morbida e leggera. Principalmente utilizzato per realizzare veli da sposa, trova ampio utilizzo anche per creare volume alle gonne multistrato e per creare dei drappeggi all’abito da sposa. Utilizzato anche per abiti da sera e decorazioni.

  • Tulle Semirigido Europa

    Fabric with a semi-rigid feel, ideal for making tutus. It is a very versatile item that can also be used for decorations and for making wedding and ceremony dresses.

  • Tulle Scintilla


    Shiny tull available in many colors.

    It is used to manufacture carnival costumes and dancewear.ale.

  • Tulle Rigido Savoia

    Tulle mano rigida che trova ampio utilizzo nella produzione di abiti da sposa.

  • Tulle Rigido 463

    Tulle mano rigida su rotoli da 150 metri che trova ampio utilizzo nella produzione di abiti da sposa

  • Tulle Rigato

    Tulle semirigido, declinato in 2 colorazioni argento e oro, ideale per la produzione di accessori natalizi e decorazioni natalizie.

  • Tulle Ricamo Nadia

    Tulle che si presta come base di lavori di ricamo che impreziosiscono abbigliamento e accessori da bambino.

  • Tulle Madreperla

    Tulle available in different basic and trendy colors with a semi-rigid hand, decorated with a light lamination that makes it bright. Suitable for the realization of tutus.

  • Tulle Lurex

    Tulle disponibili in 6 colorazioni basiche e di tendenza, la laminatura conferisce all’articolo la giusta brillantezza e lo rende adatto per la realizzazione di tutù oppure per arricchire i capi utilizzandolo con altri tessuti.

  • Tulle Laminato 454

    The characteristic of this tul is that it’s realised with a romboidal laminated design, which makes it extremely shining. It can be used for dance costumes.

  • Tulle Illusion

    Tulle leggermente elastico dalla mano morbida. Può rappresentare la base di partenza per la realizzazione di costumi da danza usandolo così com’è oppure arricchendolo con altri tessuti.

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Fabrics for ceremonies, wedding dresses and favors: everything for the most important events
Manifattura Foderami Cimmino has dedicated a large part of the fabrics catalog to the world of ceremonies: in this section all the fine fabrics for high quality wedding and ceremony dresses are grouped. From solid color fabrics in premium quality silk, wool or cotton, to refined lace and embroidery, passing through wedding fabrics declined in precious prints or jacquards, for an assortment that is constantly updated.
Wedding dress fabrics: precious fabrics for the star of the party
The wedding day must be special and unforgettable: it is therefore essential to choose the right fabric to make the perfect wedding dress. At Cimmino the choice is wide: ranging from the great classics to all the news in the field of bridal fabrics. Fabrics and materials to make the wedding dress of your dreams, fluffy and princely, with a precious and important train, or adherent and precious, which adheres to the body like a second, precious, skin. Dresses for all brides and for all styles: the goal is to make every woman happy on the most important day.
Fabrics for favors: materials to create special memories
In the segment of the universe dedicated to brides and ceremonies, Cimmino also reserves ample space for fabrics and materials for making wedding favors, an important detail of every ceremony, because they leave an indelible memory of the event for all the guests. In addition to the classic tulle for wedding favors , available in different chromatic shades to match the celebrated event, it is possible to find many different fabrics and materials to package favors of any type, shape and size down to the smallest detail.