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  • Tulle Nylon Stars

    Tulle in poliammide con applicazioni in foil multicolore, perfetto per una vasta gamma di progetti creativi e lavoretti a mano.  Utilizzato per realizzare decorazioni per le feste: fiocchi, nastri o decorazioni da appendere per compleanni, matrimoni e altre occasioni speciali.  Per l’abbigliamento: dona dettagli decorativi a vestiti, gonne e accessori come scialli e stole. Per l’artigianato: decorazioni per capelli, fiocchi per scarpe, fiorellini e decorazioni per borse.

  • Tessuto Acapulco

    Tessuto a righe in poliestere/cotone, con colori che richiamano la cultura messicana. Può essere utilizzato in ogni ambito, soprattutto per costumi carnevaleschi o scenografie a tema latino

  • Ciniglia Cruz

    Light and soft crushed velour. Thanks to its imprinted circles, it creates a play of metameric colours which are useful for the realisation of carnival costumes.

  • Tessuto Hippye Lame’

    100% polyester fabric, with bright colors. It has a huge variety of uses.

  • Interlock Stampato Colonia

    Polyester fabric with a mecanic elasticity good for carnival costumes.

  • Broccato Manaus

    Colorful brocade with a pleasant touch, which is useful for the realisation of carnival costumes and decorations.

  • Broccato Cadiz

    Floreal-themed brocade in vivid colors. It’s useful for the realisation of carnival costumes and decorations.

  • Tulle Goldstar

    White tul with gold glitter stars, good for Christmas decorations.

  • Pell. 686 2 Colori MY

    Short- haired fake fur with soft hand-feel, perfect to manufacture carnival costumes and fairy-tale characters of all kinds.

  • Licra Vega Spalmato

    Lycra with a shiny effect similar to latex, produced with a glazed effect that makes it mainly usable to recreate bright garments and sexy dresses.

  • Tessuto a Rete Ghost cm 150

    Light and soft polyester mesh fabric with round holes. It is used in both dance and carnival, it can also used for the creation of Halloween-themed scenarios or dresses.

  • Cotone Bio Dig. Halloween 22 pz cm150


    Cotton canvas with halloween themed prints. It is uset for horror themed decorations, accessories and children clothing.


  • Tessuto Polyspan 2way PFP

    Tessuto elasticizzato opaco, dalla mano morbida, ideale per essere utilizzato come base per stampe ed applicazioni personalizzate.

  • Pelliccetta pelo lungo melange

    Long-haired fake fur with soft handfeel. It’s used for Christmas or Halloween decorations and accessories.

  • Tessuto Retro’

    Polyester fabric with colourfull printed pattern. For almost any uses.

  • Pelo 683 Agnello Color

    Fabric characterized by a curly hair similar to the hair of the lamb. It is perfect to manufacture carnival costumes.

  • Raso Caribe


    100% polyester fabric, shiny on the front-side and matt on the back-side. It is mainly used for carnival costumes manufacturing and decoration.

    It is mainly used for carnival costumes manufacturing and decoration.

  • Cotone Digital Halloween

    Cotton canvas, soft touch, with printed hallowen pattern. Can be used for decorations, fashion accessories and baby clothing.

  • Marabou 491

    Sciarpa di piume naturali, ideale per la realizzazione di abiti, accessori teatrali e carnevaleschi.

  • Organza

    Canvas woven fabric, thin and transparent with stiff hand-feel. It looks shiny.

    Suitable for many purposes.

  • Paillettes Minu’

    Knitted fabric covered with highly refective paillettes. It is suitable for dancewear.

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Carnival and Cosplay fabrics: an explosion of high quality colors and patterns
Free your imagination with costume fabrics selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino: an infinite number of choices with the most disparate textures and shades of color. Fabrics and materials that respond to the various requests from the world of those who make costumes for special occasions, periods of the year dedicated to masks and for the cosplay universe, an increasingly widespread passion.

The fabric for Carnival costumes is designed to respond appropriately to the various cutting and sewing operations, making it resistant, practical and versatile. What is asked of a Carnival costume? Surely bright colors and texture that can replicate, from the first glance, the clothes of the most loved characters, for young and old.
Cosplay, what a passion: Cimmino offers the best fabrics
Stage costumes, Carnival costumes, but also the highly sought-after cosplay costumes: all these dresses can be tailored thanks to the fabrics proposed by Cimmino and treated in detail, starting from the selection of raw materials, passing through each step of the different processes.

In this section you can find everything you need to make costumes passionate about cosplay, to better interpret the various heroes of anime (cartoons), manga (comics) or video games, trying to imitate their gestures and behaviors.

By carefully choosing the best costume fabrics, it is possible to make clothes identical to those worn by the character you want to impersonate, relying on high quality fabrics guaranteed by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.