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  • Crepe Marocain Agadir

    Very soft and double face fabric, since it is shiny and smooth on one side and matte and crepe on the other, available in several colours. Uses: jackets, classic suits, accessories and much more.

  • Maglina Cotone Miria



    Jersey cotone elastan ideale per outdoor e abbigliamento sportivo con ottima conservazione termica in caso di climi rigidi

  • Maglina Polyspan Irene PFD

    Single jersey in poliestere elasticizzato pronto per stampa o tinta, adatto per la realizzazione di top, t-shirt, per outfit personalizzato.
  • Tulle Atelier


    Polyamide’s tulle, extremely stable thanks to its net structure.
    Embroider suitable, find its best use as voluminazier on clothes surface, where eventually sew embroidery.
    This fabric is created combining texture stability and stitches endurance. An alternative fabric like this has yet to come on the market.
  • Tulle Ines Mano Seta


    Polyamide tulle width 300 cmtrs. With a silky handfeeling and soft touch, together with our article TULLE VALERIA is able to cover the full range of trendy colors. It is mainly oriented in the ceremony, cocktail and wedding dresses.

  • Tulle Ricamato Karma

    Embroidered tulle with roimbodal laminated designs. It’s available in 3 colours and, thanks to its elasticity, it can be used for womenswear, sportswear or decoration.

  • Maglina Elastica Shiny

    Elastic jersey with laminated yarn. It is a stockinette stitch fabric, available in 15 basic and trendy colours. It can be used for womenswear or sportswear.

  • Tessuto Elastico Rebel

    Polyviscose fabric, good for menswear and womenswear, such as trousers or outerwear. It’s available in 8 basic colors and its pro is its very competitive price.

  • Maglina Elastica Aurora

    Elastic jersey with laminated yarn. It’s similar to our article Maglia Metallic but it’s heavier. It’s available in 10 basic and trendy colours. Thanks to the fact that it has a soft jersey on the backside, it’s very good for garments as well as beachwear, streetwear and sportswear.

  • Tessuto Maglina Sunny

    Polyester fabric, very light, with a crepe touch. Its gold decorations make it very shiny.

    It is used for making garnments.

  • Cotone Satin Digital Terranova


    Satin di cotone dalla mano soffice, liscia e vellutata con stampe all over dai colori vivaci e positivi.

    Utilizzato in ambito handcraft, accessori per la casa, abbigliamento e home decor biancheria.

  • Maglina Cotone Elastica Stampata Malibu’ Neon

    Light and elastic cotton fabric, with soft and smooth touch. It comes with designs printed in fluo colours.

    It’s used for the activewear and for baby clothes.

  • Maglina Cotone Elastica Stampata Malibù

    Light and elastic cotton fabric, with soft and smooth touch. It comes with designs printed in lively colours.

    It’s used for the activewear and for children clothes.

  • Cotone Digital Flowers

    Tela di cotone dalla mano morbida, presenta stampa all over a fantasia e stampe floreali.

    Utilizzato in ambito handcraft, accessori per la casa, abbigliamento e home decor biancheria.

  • Pile Coral collezione 2023/24


    Tessuto morbido e caldo dai colori accesi. Viene utilizzato per la confezione di copertine, accessori, mascotte, abbigliamento sportivo, abbigliamento bambino, felpe e altro ancora.

  • Tessuto Costina Era

    Polyester and elastane fabric with a classic ribbed effect, particularly suitable for finishing sweatshirts and sports trousers.

  • Camiceria Popeline Banbury cm 150

    Soft compact and shiny fabric with a fresh hand, made using fine yarns.

    Suitable for shirts .

  • Jeans Elastico Bronx

    Denim in cotone elasticizzato particolarmente indicato per abbigliamento casual e workwear.

    Spicca per resistenza e duttilità.

  • Camiceria Abington cm 150

    Soft compact and shiny fabric with a fresh hand, made using fine yarns.

    Suitable for shirts .

  • Tessuto Granny con frangia

    Tessuto tipico delle “mattonelle crochet” con le quali le nonne realizzavano coperte, scialli ed altri capi di abbigliamento.

    La manifattura della frangia impreziosisce il tessuto per poter confezionare capi di abbigliamento che lo richiedono.

    Ideale inoltre per realizzare borse, coperte e cuscini.

  • Batista Lietta

    Tela di cotone leggerissima con mano morbida. Adatto per abbigliamento ed accessori femminili, camicia da notte e biancheria per bambini

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Manifattura Foderami Cimmino: a vast selection of b2b clothing fabrics

The aesthetic and functional value of a clothing item depends primarily on the fabric, which is used to manufacture it, the material which transforms an idea in a wardrobe element, in an item made to be worn. In male and female clothing wholesale, what makes the difference is the selection of fabrics by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.
Our catalogue is always full of novelty, not to mention the great classics and the most reliable and versatile fabrics, made to accommodate the tastes of any wholesaler for male, female and children’s clothing. Materials of all sorts from a wide range of prices from which to choose and create original and comfortable clothing lines: a guaranteed success with the choice of fabrics selected for you by Cimmino.

B2B Online wholesale clothing: the fabrics for any style and season

In our catalogue you will find fabrics that are ideal for the creation of winter clothing items, fabrics that are ideal for summer collections and fabrics that can be used all year round. The materials range from the more resistant fabrics, thought for the creation of sportswear and daily clothing, to more delicate and fine fabrics, treated with the highest attention to detail for the creation of elegant and high-end clothing items.
The thorough choice of fabrics for online wholesale clothing presented on Manifattura Foderami Cimmino goes through a categorization process of the various characteristics of each fabric, like the thickness, weight, softness, elasticity, endurance to the formation of wrinkles, and practicality in washing. Let yourself be guided by the thorough description that accompanies every product and ask our experts to help you decide what type of fabric is more adequate for the project you have in mind.