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  • Maglina Polyspan Irene PFD

    Single jersey in poliestere elasticizzato pronto per stampa o tinta, adatto per la realizzazione di top, t-shirt, per outfit personalizzato.
  • Tulle Atelier


    Polyamide’s tulle, extremely stable thanks to its net structure.
    Embroider suitable, find its best use as voluminazier on clothes surface, where eventually sew embroidery.
    This fabric is created combining texture stability and stitches endurance. An alternative fabric like this has yet to come on the market.
  • Tulle Ines Mano Seta


    Polyamide tulle width 300 cmtrs. With a silky handfeeling and soft touch, together with our article TULLE VALERIA is able to cover the full range of trendy colors. It is mainly oriented in the ceremony, cocktail and wedding dresses.

  • Tulle Ricamato Karma

    Embroidered tulle with roimbodal laminated designs. It’s available in 3 colours and, thanks to its elasticity, it can be used for womenswear, sportswear or decoration.

  • Maglina Elastica Shiny

    Elastic jersey with laminated yarn. It is a stockinette stitch fabric, available in 15 basic and trendy colours. It can be used for womenswear or sportswear.

  • Tessuto Elastico Rebel

    Polyviscose fabric, good for menswear and womenswear, such as trousers or outerwear. It’s available in 8 basic colors and its pro is its very competitive price.

  • Tessuto Maglina Sunny

    Polyester fabric, very light, with a crepe touch. Its gold decorations make it very shiny.

    It is used for making garnments.

  • Maglina Cotone Elastica Stampata Malibu’ Neon

    Light and elastic cotton fabric, with soft and smooth touch. It comes with designs printed in fluo colours.

    It’s used for the activewear and for baby clothes.

  • Maglina Cotone Elastica Stampata Malibù

    Light and elastic cotton fabric, with soft and smooth touch. It comes with designs printed in lively colours.

    It’s used for the activewear and for children clothes.

  • Cotone Digital Flowers

    Tela di cotone dalla mano morbida, presenta stampa all over a fantasia e stampe floreali.

    Utilizzato in ambito handcraft, accessori per la casa, abbigliamento e home decor biancheria.

  • Pile Coral collezione 2023/24


    Tessuto morbido e caldo dai colori accesi. Viene utilizzato per la confezione di copertine, accessori, mascotte, abbigliamento sportivo, abbigliamento bambino, felpe e altro ancora.

  • Tessuto Granny con frangia

    Tessuto tipico delle “mattonelle crochet” con le quali le nonne realizzavano coperte, scialli ed altri capi di abbigliamento.

    La manifattura della frangia impreziosisce il tessuto per poter confezionare capi di abbigliamento che lo richiedono.

    Ideale inoltre per realizzare borse, coperte e cuscini.

  • Raso Duchesse Color

    Super smooth satin, narrow texture and glossy finishing. Available in a wide colours selection. Makes shaping pretty easy. Mostly used in bride-dresses or cocktails dresses.

  • Raso Duchesse Light

    E’ un raso dall’aspetto molto liscio, lucido e di mano consistente. Consente di sagomare perfettamente la figura. Viene particolarmente utilizzato per la realizzazione di abiti da sposa o da sera.

  • Tessuto Maglina Minky Light

    Tessuto 100% poliestere mano morbida dalla caratteristica goffratura che lo rende particolarmente indicato per accessori e abbigliamento bambino.

  • Cotone Trilayer

    Tessuto tripla garza morbido ed assorbente, unito da punti invisibili.
    Idoneo per l’infanzia, oltre che per moda casalinga per gli adulti e decorazioni.

  • Zephir Rimini

    Puro cotone tinto in filo, fine e compatto, un tessuto classico ideale per la realizzazione di grembiuli, accessori, abbigliamento , bomboniere ed oggettistica.

  • Vigogna Pura Lana Ileana

    Vigogna 100% lana indicato per pantaloni classici da uomo.

  • Vellutino Kenya

    100% polyester velvet suitable for casual clothing and seasonal costumes.

  • Tullone Letizia

    Hard tul, good for petticoeat and dance accessories.

  • Tulle Valeria Mano Seta

    Tulle semi trasparente di mano morbida e leggera. Principalmente utilizzato per realizzare veli da sposa, trova ampio utilizzo anche per creare volume alle gonne multistrato e per creare dei drappeggi all’abito da sposa. Utilizzato anche per abiti da sera e decorazioni.

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Classic fabrics: traditional fabrics carefully selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino
For those who want to be on the safe side in terms of clothing, here is a wide selection of traditional fabrics and fabrics with a classic taste, certainties of the sector designed to make timeless clothing and accessories. Manifattura Foderami Cimmino has selected the best classic fabrics for clothing that respond well to customers’ requests for practicality and elegance.

Fabrics for different seasons, with the ideal characteristics to satisfy everyone’s needs. When the temperature begins to drop, the choice turns to classic fabrics composed of fibers capable of creating the right conditions of heat and thermal insulation, ideal for the cold months of the year. Conversely, with the arrival of summer, the fabrics become light, breathable and perfect for shielding from moisture.
Classic fabrics for clothing: the choices for an elegant and timeless wardrobe
The choice of a suit begins with the fabric and this is where the experience of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino comes into play in the careful search for classic fabrics and materials to create evergreen garments. The catalog of classic fabrics is enriched with infinite chromatic shades available, in plain or patterned colors, to guarantee our customers the widest possible choice.

What makes the difference in Cimmino fabrics are the quality of the raw materials used and the controlled and accurate manufacturing processes that return fabrics with attention to the smallest details, with a remarkable visual appearance, a pleasant sensation to the touch, and a significant weight, characteristics that make these fabrics ideal classics for making refined and precious clothes and elements of the wardrobe.