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  • Vigogna Pura Lana Ileana

    Vigogna 100% lana indicato per pantaloni classici da uomo.

  • Satin Elastico Sandra Extra


    Tessuto raso elasticizzato fresco ed elegante che unisce la lucentezza del raso alla freschezza e al confort del cotone.
    Ideale per confezionare capi di classe come pantaloni, gonne, giacche e spolverini, ma anche per accessori per la casa come cuscini.

  • Real Memory Kratos

    Tessuto in poliestere per abbigliamento leggero outdoor, workwear e giubbini leggeri

  • Pizzo Glitter Stretch Sally

    Stretch lace with glitter, mainly used to make classic dresses, applications, bodices, shrugs, dance leotards and dance dresses

  • Pizzo Elastico Gemini

    Stretch lace realized with flower design mainly used to make classic dresses, applications, dance and show dresses

  • Pizzo Elastico Atlante

    Elastic lace with an elegant design used for the creation of classic dresses, inserts, bodices, outerwear and dance dresses

  • Pizzo Elastico Alexandra

    Stretch lace realized with flower design mainly used to make classic dresses, applications, dance and show dresses.

  • Pizzo Clara

    Lace in polyammide and viscose with flower theme ideal for clothing application and inserts dance garments.

  • Pizzo Andalusia

    Polyester lace with flower theme ideal for clothing application and inserts dance garments.

  • Pelle Elastica Hypnos

    Similpelle 100% poliestere che trova ampio utilizzo nel casual e nella realizzazione di leggings.

  • Maglina Stampata Bloom

    Floral print fabric, light and shiny. It is used for making women’s dresses and also for making dance and carnival costumes.

  • Maglina Polar D/F Unito Light

    Jersey cotone elastan di grande praticità e duttilità, rivolto sia all’outdoor che all’abbigliamento sportivo.

  • Maglina Cotone Frida


    Cotton-elastane jersey ideal for outdoor and sportwear with excellent thermal conservation in cold weather.

  • Tessuto Elastico Ity

    Tessuto elastico che trova ampio utilizzo in abbigliamento casual e sportivo. Performante e resistente.

  • Tessuto Crepe Cady Atena

    Tessuto che unisce l’eleganza al comfort grazie ai colori moda e alla sua leggera elasticità.

    E’ adatto per confezionare camicette, abiti casual ed eleganti.

  • Tessuto Bi-Stretch Zeus

    Tessuto mano morbida e modellante per tailleur, abbigliamento casual e sportswear.

  • Tessuto Afrodite Light

    Tesssuto mano morbida e modellante per tailleur, casual e workwear.

  • Tessuto Afrodite

    Tesssuto dalla mano soffice e modellante.

    Adatto per capi di abbigliamento casual e workwear.

  • Giamaica Setafix

    The most used fabric in clothing manufacture, either ways for formal or casual looks. Perfect for skirts, tailleur, trousers, dresses and blazers.

  • Daino Elastico Winchester

    Tessuto poliestere elastan in altezza 140 per abbigliamento casual, outdoor e danza.

  • Chiffon Marinella

    Transparent fabric with a soft hand, extremely light but resistant. Suitable for making women’s evening dresses, blouses, elegant blouses, scarves, stoles and nightwear.

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Fast fashion fabrics: a vast choice of fabrics for the fast fashion industry

Consumer needs change quickly and need to be met immediately. This is the main focus of fast fashion – the sector in the clothing industry that relies on a continuous production and quick collection replenishments. Manifattura Foderami Cimmino has selected the best fabrics for fast fashion, so that the clients’ needs are met without having to penalize the quality of the products.

A catalogue of fabrics is always updated to meet the needs of the fast fashion industry both punctually and precisely. Through its experience in the fabrics industry Cimmino is able to frequently predict and anticipate the most prominent trends in every season.

Swimwear fabrics and materials to enjoy Summer in style

Style and comfort, looks and functionality are all essential in the field of fast fashion, with swimwear fabric collections that are thought to meet the increasing needs of a market that is constantly growing and changing. All these factors are kept in mind while retaining a high level of quality and the Italian manufacturing tradition.

The fast fashion fabrics selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino are captivating, keeping ahead of trends while offering a great range of products for a good price and quality relationship. In our catalogue one can find fabrics that are ideal to quickly make all types of clothing items and create outfits that are refined and elegant, yet at the same time simple and ideal for day-to-day use.