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  • Tulle Recycled GRS

    Tulle con filato riciclato certificato GRS che dichiara l’utilizzo di materiali da riciclo e rispetto di criteri ambientali in tutte le fasi dei processi produttivi. Adatto per abbigliamento e per base ricamo. Morbido al tatto e nello stesso tempo stabile.

  • Tulle Elastico Nemi GRS


    Tulle morbido che rappresenta la versione certificata GRS del nostro ben noto articolo Tulle Elastico Avatar, andando ad arricchire la gamma dei tulle elasticizzati da sempre molto apprezzati. Lo schema GRS, certifica prodotti ottenuti da materiali da riciclo realizzati nel rispetto di criteri ambientali e sociali in tutte le fasi della filiera produttiva.

  • Tovagliato Plastica Party Recycled

    Tovaglia in PVC riciclato stampato per arredare sia l’interno che l’esterno della casa. Idro ed oleorepellente. Facile da pulire. Il tessuto utilizza materie prime riciclati non inferiori al 40%. Assenza di candeggianti ottici.

  • Piuma Futura GRS

    Taffetà lining, light and shiny look slightly see-throught. Certificated GRS, declaring the use recycled material in all the pruducing process. Suitable for clothes lining, finishes and hide any clothing process detail.

  • Licra Bielastica Matta Flora GRS

    Elastic fabric, matt and soft. The GRS certificates that it’s an eco-friendly product, made it ouf recycled materials which follow the social and environmental standards during the whole production. It’s suitable for dance costumes.

  • Feltro Colorato 2 mm

    Feltro che presenta ampia gamma di colori uniti per lavori di hobbistica, craft, patchwork e decorazione in genere, oltre alla realizzazione di piccoli accessori quali borse ed astucci.

  • Color Felt 3 mm GRS


    A 3 mm classic Felt, mainly used for various types of creative sewing, Christmas and Easter gifts, events & parties decoration, hobbies & handcrafts, carnival clothes, puppets and several accessories.

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Eco-sustainable fabrics: attention to the environment and the ethics of recycling
Fashion and the world of furniture are heading towards an important ethical turning point, with an increase in the choice of eco-sustainable fabrics, oriented towards respect for the environment, work and animal rights. Manifattura Foderami Cimmino has also decided to dedicate a section to ecological fabrics , the production of which determines a lower environmental impact.
Organic and recycled fabrics: characteristics and differences
What are the fabrics that fall into the organic category and are derived from renewable sources? Cotton, linen, jute, hemp, agave, kapok, ramie, coconut, pineapple, broom, wool and silk are natural eco-sustainable fabrics, but also acetate, triacetate and viscose are artificially produced starting from the cellulose of trees or waste from other supply chains. productive.

When it comes to eco-sustainable fabrics, then, one cannot fail to mention recycling: in fashion oriented towards minimum impact, we try to reuse everything possible, eliminating only what is strictly necessary. The fabrics selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino are born from the recycling of plastic and waste fibers: in this way a second functional life is guaranteed to all those materials that, otherwise, would have constituted a waste difficult to dispose of for the planet.
Organic fabrics by the meter and ecological fabrics: the choice of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino
The textile industry plays a crucial role at the environmental level as it has a significant impact on global water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Therefore, the choice of organic fabrics by the meter and recycled fabrics from waste materials becomes really important. Trust the experience of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino for choosing the best eco-sustainable fabrics!