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  • Cotone Bice Stampato Patch

    Cotton canvas soft hand with flowers printed pattern. Handcraft ideally and home accessories use.

  • Cotone Artcraft

    Cotton canvas, strenght with a soft hand. Characterised by classic patterns (Hearths, stars, stripes). Hobby&Craft its use but aslo cuscions and baby products.

  • Color Felt 3 mm GRS


    A 3 mm classic Felt, mainly used for various types of creative sewing, Christmas and Easter gifts, events & parties decoration, hobbies & handcrafts, carnival clothes, puppets and several accessories.

  • Cencio della Nonna Greggio

    Tela da ricamo in Lino 100% utilizzata storicamente per imbastire ricami sui tessuti, oggi si presta agli usi più diversi: dai costumi storici e teatrali, fino all’arredamento casa.

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