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  • Maglina Adesiva Itaca


    Jersey interlining with glue on a side mainly used to support the inside part of model about light dresses , without stiffening the fabric on which it is applied.

  • Tela Cotone Cabrera


    100% Cotton PFP fabric , width cm150. It can be used to dye the lining together with the garment or can be free dyed thanks to its natural color.
  • Adesivo TNT 310 New cm 150

    Non-woven fabric, light and semitrasparent with sticky resin on one side. Used to gives shape and structure in clothes.

  • Biadesivo 23 gr

    Film biadesivo leggero, idoneo per accoppiare tessuti,unire orli dei capi di abbigliamento. Viene utilizzato anche nel mondo dell’handcraft

  • Indeformabile Leggero

    Tela in 100% cotone di peso leggero utilizzato nella camiceria per confezionare l’interno di colli e polsini.

  • Adesivo 880

    Tessuto non tessuto, leggero, semitrasparente con resina adesiva su un lato. Utilizzato per dare forma e sostegno ai capi.

  • Saglia Matera

    Semi-glossy lining, soft hand light weight. Suitable for blazers, skirts, bags, hats and coats lining.

  • Adesivo New Tech

    Adesivo molto leggero idoneo per mondo donna. Ideale per camicette, tessuti in seta, tessuti trasparenti e per capi estivi.

  • Trapunta Monofaccia 3800

    Trapunta classica 50% cotone 50% poliestere disponibile nelle colorazioni basiche bianco e panna.

  • Trapunta 480

    Quilted lining with wadding for clothes, rhombus pathern. Ideally for jackets and coats lining in autumn/winter time.

  • Trapunta 3017

    Quilted lining with wadding for clothes, rhombus pathern. Ideally for jackets and coats lining in autumn/winter time.

  • Tnt decor as color gr 60

    Non-sticky interlining, gives strenght and support in clotthing. Also used as base to create collars, shoulders, cuffs and as suport for clothes bias.

  • Tela Formentera Bianco

    Tessuto di cotone per il confezionamento delle tasche di pantaloni, jeans, ecc…Utile anche per allestimenti, decorazioni, scenografia e hobby.

  • Tela Cipro

    Canvas, medium/soft hand, suitable for dresses lining and pocketing.

  • Tasca Sapri

    Light fabric, suitable for pocketing and accesories lining.

  • Tasca Livorno

    Light fabric, suitable for pocketing and accesories lining. Also available on custom prints or custom colours.

  • Tasca Elba

    Light fabric, suitable for pocketing and accesories lining.

  • Taffettas Moire’ Sumatra

    Classy taffetà shiny look, heavy hand. Iridiscent fabric with waves optical-effect alternating on light and dark colour. Ideally for clothes and decorations.

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Cimmino Foderami Manufacture: a world of high-quality liners

The soul behind every clothing item, behind every furnishing element in fabric: the linings are the structure that carries what we wear and the households in which we live, and to serve at their best they must be made with the best available raw materials in a vast choice of fabrics and colors.
Manifattura Foderami Cimmino selects the best types of lining fabrics to be used in the various spheres of fashion and upholstery: from natural products to artificial and synthetic ones, including recycled and sustainable products. A world of quality linings to coat the interior of every clothing item and to create liners in the world of interior design.

Foderami Cimmino: interior cladding that improve aesthetic and functionality

The fabrics made by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino vary from classic to contemporary, covering any need of style and quality. The catalogue “Foderami” is enriched with new elements on every new season, interpreting at its best the various requests in each interfacing and weft.
The Cimmino lining fabrics wholesale are created with the objective of completing clothes, improving the vestibility and incrementing the aesthetic value and quality. From the various selected fabrics there is also a vast choice of materials for interior coverings used to cover mattresses, sofas and various furnishings.
An ample assortment that is constantly updated to pack all the types of linings, from the lighter and more breathable ones to the heavier ones used for prestigious clothing items, while also including the more versatile medium weight linings used in multiple situations.