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The best fabrics for women’s sarong coverings and trends 2024

As summer approaches, the choice of the 2024 sarong costume cover becomes a priority for those who want to be fashionable on the beach. Manifattura Foderami Cimmino recommends the best fabrics for women’s sarongs coverings and the 2024 trends sarongs coverlet to help you make the perfect choice.

Most popular fabrics for coverup pareos

With the approach of summer and days at the beach, choosing the right fabric for your beach robe becomes essential to ensure comfort and style. There are different materials to choose from, each with unique characteristics that can affect your experience at the sea.


The chiffon is a transparent and light fabric, known for its fluidity and softness to the touch. Thanks to these features, it is very easy to drape, making it an excellent choice for women’s beach robes. The main advantages of chiffon include its elegance and the ability to give a sophisticated look, perfect for beach evenings.

Marinella Chiffon fabric

The Chiffon Marinella is a transparent veil fabric in canvas armor, characterized by a soft hand and extremely light but durable. Thanks to its versatility and elegance, it is perfect for packaging a variety of refined and fashionable feminine garments.

chiffon Marinella

The Chiffon Marinella is ideal for creating women’s evening dresses, blouses, elegant blouses, scarves, stoles, elegant beach pareos and bedding. Its transparency and lightness add a touch of sophisticated delicacy to every garment.

Glitter Chiffon Fabric

chiffon glitter

The Glitter Chiffon is a shiny transparent veil fabric, characterized by a soft hand, extreme lightness and resistance. This material, thanks to its sparkling reflections, adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to every creation.

The Glitter Chiffon is ideal for the packaging of women’s evening dresses, blouses, blouses, coverovers and elegant scarves. Its transparency and shiny details make it perfect for creating beach pareos that want to stand out for elegance and brightness, suitable for both special occasions and evening events.


Cotton is a natural fabric widely used in women’s pareo fabrics for several reasons. It is breathable and lightweight, features that make it ideal for hot summer days. In addition, it is easy to wash and maintain, which makes it practical for frequent use. Another advantage of cotton is its convenience, which makes it accessible to a wide audience. There are several types of cotton used in sarongs, including lightweight cotton, organic cotton and wide-woven cotton, each with its own peculiarities that can meet different needs and preferences.

Fabric Batista Lietta

Batista Lietta is a lightweight cotton canvas with a soft hand, ideal for a wide range of applications thanks to its versatility and comfort. The combination of polyester and cotton makes it particularly durable and practical for different uses.

fabric batista lietta

The Batista Lietta is perfect for making women’s clothing and accessories, summer sarongs, nightshirts and children’s underwear. Its lightness and softness make it ideal for home decor projects and fabrics for children, offering comfort and delicacy on the skin.

Voile Harmonia fabric

voile harmonia fabri

Voile Harmonia Fabric is an extremely light cotton fabric, similar to a veil, which stands out for its softness and freshness. This fabric is ideal for making light underwear, women’s pareo sea and summer shirts, ensuring comfort and breathability.

Its lightness and softness make it also suitable for fabrics for children and for applications in the medical sector, where comfort and freshness are essential.


Linen is known for its freshness and ability to keep the body cool even on the hottest days, making it an excellent choice for pareos. This fabric offers many benefits: it is very breathable, natural and sustainable, and at the same time durable and durable. Matching a beach linen sarong is simple and versatile. It goes perfectly with straw accessories, is ideal with summer sandals and can be combined with tops in natural fabrics for a casual and chic beach wear.

Fabric Linen Clothing

The Linen Fabric Clothing is the ideal choice for those looking for a fresh and versatile material, perfect for the packaging of summer garments with fluid lines. Thanks to its composition in 100% linen, this fabric offers excellent breathability and comfort, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in the clothing industry.

linen fabric

Its light texture and ability to keep the body cool make it ideal for a sea sarong, ensuring an elegant and comfortable look.

Beach pareo trends and costume covers 2024

Sea fashion 2024 sees a return to bright colors and exotic prints. The 2024 fashion costume covers feature bold designs, with details such as fringes, embroidery and sustainable fabrics. The 2024 swimsuit cover trends include tropical patterns, fluorescent colors and lightweight yet durable fabrics, such as organic cotton and linen: they follow the 2024 swimsuit trends in patterns and color shades.


How to choose the perfect swimsuit cover

How to choose a headdress for the summer? Choosing the perfect costume covering sarong may seem like a challenge, but with some practical tips you can find the ideal option that will enhance your figure and adapt to different summer occasions. Considering your body type and the context in which the sarong will be worn are fundamental factors to make a conscious and fashionable choice.

Consider your own body type

Considering your body type is crucial to choosing the perfect sarong costume cover. If you have an hourglass shape, it is advisable to opt for women’s sarongs that highlight the waist, such as those with belts, which highlight your natural curves. If you have an apple shape, the ideal is to choose wide women’s parea that do not adhere too much to the body, so as to create a harmonious and balanced effect. For pear shapes, it is preferable to opt for pareos that draw attention to the upper body, perhaps with bright details or colors, diverting attention from the hips and balancing the overall silhouette.

chiffon sarong

Occasions and places

Choosing the right pareo depends very much on the occasions and places where you will wear it. For a day at the beach, they are ideal for light summer sarong fabrics such as cotton or chiffon, easy to wear and take off and perfect for a practical but fashionable look. If you are attending a pool party, opt for women’s silk or chiffon parei with elegant details that add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. For a stroll along the waterfront, linen is the perfect choice, offering a casual but chic look that will allow you to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Choosing the right fabric for your pareo is essential to feel comfortable and fashionable during the summer. Whether you prefer the lightness of chiffon, the refinement of silk, the practicality of cotton or the freshness of linen, the important thing is to find, among the proposals of Cimmino fashion sea fabrics, the fabric that best suits your needs and fashion trends sea 2024.


Men’s ceremony dresses: how to choose the fabric

Choosing the right fabric for a men’s ceremony dress is crucial to ensure style, comfort and durability. Manifattura Foderami Cimmino guides you through the various types of fabrics available, their characteristics and advises you how to choose a formal dress for men that best suits your needs.

Types of fabrics for men’s ceremonies

When it comes to choosing the ideal fabric for men’s ceremony dresses, it is crucial to consider the distinctive features of each material. Each classic fabric offers specific advantages in terms of aesthetics, comfort and practicality, and the right choice can make the difference between men’s clothing for ceremonies that stand out and others that go unnoticed. Here are the main types of natural and synthetic fabrics used in the making of men’s clothing for ceremonies, their properties and their ideal use.


Wedding dresses for men: natural fabrics

Natural fabrics have always been the preferred choice for those looking for elegance and comfort in men’s wedding dresses. Made with fibers obtained directly from natural resources, these fabrics offer breathability, softness and a pleasant feeling on the skin. In addition, natural fabrics are often synonymous with high quality and durability, the ideal choice to make elegant men’s wedding suits.


Wool is one of the best fabrics for men’s formal wear, thanks to its versatility and ability to maintain shape. It is ideal for cold seasons and for men’s evening dresses, as it provides warmth while remaining breathable.

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Cotton is another popular natural fabric, appreciated for its lightness and comfort. It is perfect for summer ceremonies, as it allows the skin to breathe and absorbs moisture.

Discover how to make a men’s dress ceremony with the fabric Canvas Cotton Sorrento


Linen is the summer fabric par excellence. Extremely breathable and lightweight, it is ideal for a men’s ceremony suit in warm climates. However, it tends to crease easily, so it is important to consider the occasion and the intended use for linen clothing.

Discover the fabric Lino Clothing also for men’s ceremony dresses.

formal suit man

Synthetic fabrics for men’s formal dresses

Synthetic fabrics represent a valid alternative to natural materials, offering a series of unique advantages in creating a complete man wedding. Created through chemical processes, these fabrics are designed to be durable, durable and often more affordable. Thanks to modern technologies, synthetic fabrics can imitate the aesthetic and functional properties of natural fabrics, while ensuring greater ease of maintenance.


Polyester is a durable and durable synthetic fabric. It is often used in combination with natural fibers to improve endurance and reduce creases in evening men’s clothing. However, it is not very breathable, so it is better to avoid it in the summer months.

Discover the Burlington fabric


Viscose, also known as rayon, is a synthetic fabric that mimics the characteristics of silk. It is soft to the touch and offers good draping ability, making it ideal for elegant fabrics for men’s evening dresses.

Discover the fabric Elastic Rebel

suits man

Features of fabrics for men’s ceremony dress

When choosing a fabric for a men’s formal dress, it is crucial to consider not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the functional features that will affect the comfort and durability of the man wedding dress or for other event. Each fabric has unique properties that can make it more suitable for certain situations or personal needs.


Breathability is crucial to ensure comfort during prolonged use of a garment, as in the case of a man’s wedding dress. Fabrics such as linen and cotton are highly breathable, while synthetic fabrics tend to retain more heat.


Resistance is fundamental for men’s wedding dresses that must maintain shape and appearance over time. Wool and polyester are known for their durability, while cotton and linen may require more frequent care.


Comfort is essential for men’s wedding dresses. The choice of tissue should take into account personal preferences and skin sensitivity. Natural fabrics such as cotton and wool are generally more comfortable than synthetics.


Men’s wedding dress: fabrics for different seasons

The choice of fabric for ceremonial men’s suits should also take into account the season in which the event will take place. Each season presents different climatic conditions that require specific fabrics to ensure comfort and adequate breathability.

Men’s ceremony suit: Summer fabrics

During the summer months, the choice of fabric dresses for men’s ceremony becomes crucial to ensure freshness and comfort. High temperatures require light and breathable materials that allow you to maintain a feeling of freshness even on the hottest days.


Linen is perfect for summer men’s ceremonial clothes thanks to its lightness and breathability.

Light cotton

Lightweight cotton is ideal for men’s formal wear in summer, as it offers comfort and freshness even on the hottest days.

Winter dress ceremony

Men’s formal dress: Winter fabrics

During the winter months, the choice of the right fabric for men’s ceremony dress is crucial to ensure warmth and comfort without sacrificing elegance. Low temperatures require materials that offer thermal insulation and maintain a feeling of warmth.


Wool is ideal for a men’s dress for ceremony in the winter months, thanks to its ability to insulate heat while maintaining breathability.


The tweed is a strong and warm fabric, perfect for men’s winter ceremony dresses. It offers a classic and sophisticated look.

man dress

Dress for men ceremony: how to choose the right fabric

Choosing the right fabric for men’s wedding dresses or other events is a crucial decision that affects not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the comfort and practicality of the garment. There are several factors to consider to make the best choice, including the occasion, the season and personal preferences.

Consider the occasion

Formality and type of ceremony are crucial in the choice of fabric. For very formal events, requiring a proper evening dress for men, fine fabrics such as wool or silk are preferable, while for less formal ceremonies, cotton and linen may be appropriate for a male formal dress.

Adapt to the season

The season of the event directly affects the choice of fabric for men’s ceremony suits. Summer fabrics for men’s ceremony dresses like linen and cotton are ideal for warm temperatures, while wool and tweed are best for winter.

Personal preferences and comfort

Personal preferences and comfort should not be overlooked. It is important to choose a fabric for men’s ceremony dresses that will make you feel comfortable and reflect your personal style.

Choose the right fabric for a complete ceremony man requires attention to detail and an understanding of your needs and occasion. That you are looking for a men’s dress for ceremony made with Italian fabrics or prefer more international options, the key is to find a balance between style, comfort and practicality and choose the fabrics for ceremony dresses selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.

sea cloth

Sea Towels: Complete Guide to Best Fabrics and Patterns

When it comes to choosing the perfect beach towel, fabric selection is crucial. A quality towel not only improves your beach experience, but also ensures durability and comfort. In this guide of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino we will explore the different types of fabrics for beach towels, from the most common ones to ecological fabrics for beach towels, their characteristics and how to choose the ideal towel for your needs.

Types of Fabrics for Beach Towels

When it comes to choosing a sea towel, fabric selection plays a key role. The fabric not only affects the comfort and functionality, but also the durability and aesthetics of the cloth. We discover the main types of Cimmino sea fabrics used for beach towels, analyzing their advantages, disadvantages and situations in which each type of fabric is most suitable.

microfiber beach towels

Beach Towels in Microfiber Fabric

Microfiber beach towels are very popular due to their unique properties. One of the main advantages of microfiber is its ability to dry very quickly, making it perfect for frequent use at the beach. In addition, these sea towels are extremely light and can be folded into very small sizes, saving space in luggage. Difference between terry and microfiber beach towel? Compared to cotton towels, microfiber may be less soft to the touch and may not be as absorbent. These tarps are ideal for those who travel often and need a towel that takes up little space, as well as for sports activities thanks to their ability to dry quickly.

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Children’s Beach Towels in Cotton

Cotton beach towels are the most traditional and loved for their softness. The cotton beach towel provides a superior feeling of comfort and these sheets are very absorbent, making them ideal for drying quickly after a bath. However, compared to microfiber, cotton beach towels take longer to dry and become heavier when wet. These towels are perfect for those looking for comfort and softness and are ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the beach and need a cloth that remains comfortable.

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Beach Towels in Terry Towelling

Terry beach towels are often associated with luxury beach towels for their soft texture. The sponge beach towel provides a feeling of luxury and comfort and these beach towels absorb a lot of water, making them perfect for drying quickly. However, cotton beach towels tend to be bulkier and heavier, especially when wet, and take longer to dry than microfiber. These towels are ideal for those who can afford to carry more voluminous towels and are perfect for environments such as swimming pools and spas, where comfort is a priority.

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sponge beach towels

Features of Best Beach Towels

When it comes to choosing the perfect beach towel, it is important to consider some key features that can make the difference between a simple piece of cloth, bulky beach towels and essential beach towels for your days. In this section, we will analyze the main qualities that the best family beach towels should have.


Absorbency is one of the key features for good beach towels. A highly absorbent towel will allow you to dry quickly after a bath in the sea or pool, ensuring comfort and convenience. Cotton and terry towels are particularly known for their ability to absorb large amounts of water, making them ideal for those looking for a functional and effective tarp.


Softness is another crucial factor for the beach towel. A soft beach towel is not only more pleasant to the touch, but also offers more comfort when you lie on top of it. Cotton and terry towels are renowned for their soft texture, while microfiber beach towels, while being less soft, still offer a smooth and delicate surface on the skin.


A good beach towel must be durable and durable. The quality of the fabric and the strength of the seams are key elements that determine the longevity of the product. The best durable beach towels are designed to withstand daily wear, sun, salt and chlorine exposure, while maintaining their integrity and functionality over time.

Design and style

Design and style should not be underestimated when choosing a beach towel. In addition to functionality, aesthetics plays an important role. Beach towels decorated with eye-catching patterns, bright colors and special details such as fringes, can add a touch of elegance and personality to your beach days. In addition, custom beach towels with names or logos offer a unique option for those who want to stand out.

beach towel

Weight and size

Weight and size are also aspects to consider. The large and light beach towels are ideal for those looking for practicality and comfort. A large towel provides ample space to lie down and relax, while a lightweight towel is easy to carry and handle. Microfiber towels, in particular, offer an excellent balance between generous size and low weight: they are real multi-purpose beach towels to use in the gym and pool.

Drying time

Finally, the drying time is an important feature. A light beach towel that dries quickly is very practical, especially when you switch from one swim to another or you have to store the towel in your backpack or bag. The beach towels that dry quickly, like those in microfiber, are perfect for those who are always on the move and want a towel ready for use in a short time.

colors beach towels

Guide to choosing the perfect beach towel for your needs

Choosing the perfect beach towel may seem like a simple task, but there are several factors to consider to make sure you make the right choice. The ideal beach towel must meet your specific needs and offer you maximum comfort during your days at sea. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect beach towel.

Consider the Main Use

The first step to choosing the perfect beach towel is to consider the main use you will make of it. If you plan to use the cloth mainly to dry after a bath, absorbency will be the most important feature. In this case, opt for cotton or terry beach towels, known for their ability to absorb large amounts of water. On the other hand, if you need a light and compact towel to take with you during travel, microfiber tarpaulins are an excellent choice thanks to their lightness and ability to dry quickly.

Assessing the Climatic Conditions

The climatic conditions of the place where you will use the beach towel are another crucial factor. If you frequent sunny and warm beaches, you may prefer a microfiber towel that dries quickly and does not retain too much heat. For cooler or ventilated beaches, a cotton or terry beach towel could offer greater comfort thanks to their softness and ability to retain heat.

beach towel

Personal Preferences of Style

The “beach tablecloth” is also a stylish accessory, just like the beach costumes that show off on the beaches, so your aesthetic preferences are important. Beach towels decorated with bright colors and eye-catching patterns can add a touch of personality to your beach day. If you love to stand out, you can opt for lightweight beach towels customized with your name or a special logo. Also, consider details such as fringed beach towels or decorated edges that can add a touch of elegance.

Practical considerations

Do not forget to consider practical aspects such as the weight and size of the cloth. The thin, large and light beach towels are ideal for those who want ample space to lie down and relax without having to worry about excessive weight. A quick-drying towel is another practical aspect to consider, especially if you need to store it in your backpack or bag after use.

Now you have all the information you need to choose the best fabric for beach towels among those proposed in the catalogs Cimmino and enjoy a summer that is really comfortable!

swimwear trends

Swimwear Trends 2024: new sea fashion fabrics

Summer 2024 promises to revolutionize the 2024 swimwear industry with vibrant and innovative trends in both colors and fabrics. In this article, we will explore the 2024 sea fashion trends, the 2024 popular swimwear colors, and the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the innovative fabrics for swimwear.

Dress Trends Ceremony 2024

Wedding dress trends 2024: complete guide

In the effervescent world of fashion, the 2024 wedding dress trends are announced full of novelties and charm. This comprehensive guide will explore the trending colors, innovative styles, and must-have accessories that will feature the most exclusive collections of the year for the 2024 ceremony dresses.

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Linen clothing: light and sustainable style for the summer

Summer calls, and with it the need for a wardrobe that not only expresses style and elegance but that is also comfortable and sustainable. Here comes into play linen clothing, a real ally for those who try to combine fashion and comfort without sacrificing the care of the environment.

microfiber fabric

Microfiber fabric: advantages for the home and wardrobe

Microfiber fabric is revolutionizing the world of fabrics thanks to its incredible versatility and innovation. More and more people choose synthetic fiber or microfiber for its multiple uses, from home cleaning to sportswear, making it one of the most popular choices on the market. Manufacturing Lining Cimmino guides us to discover the microfiber fabric and how to use it for home and clothing.

sequined fabrics

Sequins: how to wear and match sparkling dresses

In the glittering world of fashion, sequined dresses represent a bold but incredibly elegant choice for those who want to stand out. Whether it’s a gala evening event, a party with friends or a special occasion, knowing how to wear sequins and create matching sequin dresses can make the difference between a memorable look and one that goes unnoticed.