Cosplay Costume

The best fabrics for cosplay

Cosplay is an activity that allows all fans of cinema, comics, anime and video games to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters. Through the creation of accurate cosplay costumes and the interpretation of the characters themselves, cosplayers manage to bring imagination to life and share their passion with the community. A unique way to celebrate popular culture and creative expression.

But to create an authentic and impressive cosplay costume, it is crucial to choose the right fabrics.
In this article we will explore the best fabrics for cosplay and provide useful tips on how to select the perfect material for your next costume. Firstly, however, let’s find out in detail what it is.

What is a cosplay?

Cosplay, a term that derives from the combination of the words “costume” and “play”, is an activity that involves the interpretation of fantasy characters through the use of clothes that are faithful to the character and setting. Cosplayers are passionate players who dedicate time and energy to creating their own costumes, often from scratch, to represent the characters of their favorite universes. It is not just about wearing a costume, but to completely immerse yourself in the character, recreating his appearance, his personality and even his movements.

Cosplay Costume

How to do and where to buy cosplay costumes?

If you want to make a cosplay costume, here is a step-by-step guide to get you started in the best way.

Start by selecting the character you want to play. Choose someone who inspires you and who you feel attached to. Research the character, look at reference images from different angles and study the details of the costume.

Carefully examine the character’s costume. Observe the fabrics used, the colors, the details of the designs and the accessories. Ask yourself which parts of cosplay you can create from scratch and which you could buy or edit from existing outfits. Make a detailed list of the materials needed to make each part of the cosplay costume.

Look for fabrics to make cosplay costumes available in the catalog of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino. Choose materials that come as close as possible to the appearance and texture of the character’s original costume. Make sure you also buy the tools you need to make your costume, such as cloth scissors, sewing machines and decoration materials.

Start creating your costume by following the details of the design. Carefully measure each part of the costume to make sure it fits properly. Use your sewing skills to assemble the various parts, making sure you make strong seams. If you need help, look for online tutorials or join local cosplayer groups to exchange tips and tricks with other fans.

Once you have made the main parts of the costume, go to the stage of finishing and details. Add decorations such as buttons, sequins, beads or appliques to make the costume even more faithful to the original. Be sure to also pay attention to accessories such as shoes, weapons or items characteristic of the character. You can buy them ready or create them yourself using materials such as polystyrene or cardboard. Even “makeup and wig” are an integral part of cosplay costumes. Study the makeup of the character and look for an online tutorial to get a realistic result.

cosplay dress

Fabrics for cosplay costumes

The world of cosplay offers endless possibilities to transform into beloved characters from anime, manga, video games and movies. But to create an authentic and impressive costume, it is crucial to choose the right fabrics.


Cotton is one of the most versatile and affordable fabrics to make cosplay dresses. It is soft, breathable and easy to work with, making it ideal for costumes with prints or designs. It is available in various textures and weights, so you can choose the type of cotton that best suits your character. For example, for anime costumes or horror themed , you can opt for the Cotone Digital Halloween 2021, perfect for Halloween too.

Fabric Cotton
polyester fabric for cosplay costumes


Polyester is another popular fabric for cosplay dresses. It is durable, economical and is often used to create clothes with a futuristic style or with a glossy finish. Polyester can be easily colored and printed, allowing a wide range of options for costumes cosplay.
On our online shop you will find many polyester fabrics, such as: Maglina Ragno SB, ideal for making the Spiderman costume, and the most classic Tessuto Polyspan and Tessuto Twill Monaco Fabric.


Velvet is the perfect fabric for elegant costumes or prominent characters. Velvet is available in various variants, each of which offers a unique visual effect, and can be obtained with both natural fibers such as cotton and synthetic such as polyester. Its beauty and ability to capture light make it an excellent choice to create impactful cosplay clothes. Vellutino Kenya, available in different colors, is definitely ideal for making cosplay costumes cheap and practical but elegant. If you are looking for a texture similar to velvet but with an even softer touch, you can opt for Ciniglia 643 fabric.

Chenille fabric for cosplay costumes
Faux fur for cosplay costumes

Faux Fur

For those who want to play bold and brave characters, synthetic leather might be an option to consider. This fabric offers a look similar to real skin, but at a lower cost and without the involvement of animals. The Pelliccetta pelo lungo melange is perfect for creating costumes of fairy-tale or legendary characters, such as Viking kings inspired by the TV series Vikings.

Browse the catalogue of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino
and discover all the main fabrics for cosplay clothing online!

Munich Fabric Start awaits you from 18 to 20 July 2023 in Munich

Munich Fabric Start reopens its doors to visitors from 18 to 20 July 2023 at the MOC, Munich Order Center, Munich.
Presented as one of the leading textile trade fairs, the Munich Fabric Start attracts up to 20,000 international visitors twice a year.
The aim is to present the novelties and innovative ideas of international manufacturers of high-quality fabrics and accessories.
This year, around 1,100 collections from around the world of fabrics, accessories, finishes and sourcing solutions are scheduled to be presented, which will be on trend for the fall-winter 2024/2025 season.

Among the many exhibitors that the exhibition will host will also be present Manifattura Foderami Cimmino whose stand will be located in HALL 4 STAND E07. On display will be our best and newest fabrics planned for the next autumn-winter season.

What the Munich Fabric Start will offer

The exhibition will present clothing for women, men and children, in denim, street and sportswear versions.
The entire event will be divided into 8 areas:
Additionals, where leading international accessories suppliers will show trends for various accessories, from buttons to coating materials;
Sustainable Innovations,a platform for young designers who create and reinvent materials for the textile world;
Resource, a platform that will help to search for products in an environmentally and socially responsible way;
Design Studios, offers creative solutions, progressive ideas and new designs;
Fabrics, exposure of all kinds of fabrics of the latest trend;
Keyhouse, an area dedicated to futuristic and innovative solutions;
The Source, solution for the annual holistic fashion sourcing;
Blue zone, exhibition dedicated exclusively to denim!

A note: the areas of Keyhouse, The Source and Blue Zone, will be available from 18 to 19 July!

Milano Unica: new appointment in Rho from 11 to 13 July 2023

Milano Unica, a fair dedicated to the exhibition of high-end fabrics and accessories for women’s and men’s garments, is back with its 37° edition on 11-12-13 July 2023 at Rho Fiera Milano.
A biannual event attended by the most important and innovative Italian and European producers, supported by the producers of the Japan and Korea Observatories.

The fair was founded in September 2005 by the desire to unite five events that have made famous the Italian and European textile industry in the world: Ideabiella, Ideacomo, Moda In, Shirt Avenue and Pratotrade. Five identities that, still today, continue to play a role of particular importance in the textile field.

Milano Unica offers international visibility to the textile world in a qualified context and in line with the quality of the products. The fair, designed based on the needs of the customer, wants to be a point of reference specialized for the professionals of the world of fashion who feel they belong to a professional environment and marked by Italian style, both in hospitality and taste.
The textile fair in Milan is the ideal place to offer the best product on the world market of high-end fashion.

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino takes part in the 37th edition of Milano Unica

The event testifies to the uniqueness and excellence of Made in Italy and will host companies of fabrics and accessories that will make us discover the new trends for autumn-winter 2024/2025.
Among the exhibitors of this edition will also be present Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.
The stand for Cimmino will be located in HALL 3 STAND A19.

For this year, another focus of the fair will be the Sustainability Project, which aims to keep the focus on sustainability in the textile and fashion industry high. A project that had already been proposed in previous editions but that was decided to continue thanks to the great attention received by its interlocutors.

Texworld Evolution Paris reopens its doors to the world from 3 to 5 July 2023

Texworld Evolution Paris is the famous fair that brings together, twice a year, a thousand exhibitors from the textile industry, including Cimmino.
Texworld Evolution awaits you from 3 to 5 July 2023, in Paris at Le Porte de Versailles.
The event offers every buyer a sourcing platform to find products from around the world, ranging from basic products to higher quality products and creativity.
The organizing team is also committed to offering visibility to young designers to encourage exchanges with exhibitors and brands looking for new talent.

Cimmino at the Texworld Evolution Paris with his exhibition

The fair consists of several sectors and itineraries, each one dedicated to a specific activity and/or product:

Texworld highlights weavers and fabrics from around the world. This year will bring as a novelty a special itinerary called Texworld Denim that will collect all the Denim offer in one place;
Apparel Sourcing, meeting point for finished products, clothing or fashion accessories;
Avantex, an innovation fair for advanced and sustainable fashion;
Leatherworld , a platform dedicated to the leather industry bringing together producers of raw materials and finished leather products;
Elite Sector, a unique space that brings together companies with complementary services essential to brands and fashion designers.
Shawls & Scarves, sector of about 50 manufacturers who dedicate themselves to shawls, scarves, carré and stoles;
Services Sector, where to find new solutions to assist creators, buyers, clothing manufacturers and companies.

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino will be present at the new edition of the Texworld Evolution in Paris.
Our stand will be present at HALL 1 STAND S038 with many novelties and of course our products exclusively Made in Italy. As always we will guarantee maximum quality and professionalism!

Fashion Trends Sea 2023: fabrics, patterns and colors

Summer 2023 is just around the corner, summer hits are already ringing in the radio to make us dance and so also the sea fashion trends dictate their “rules”.
The watchword of sea fashion 2023 is definitely comfort and lightness. Expected are, in fact, light and transparent garments and accessories, impalpable as a second skin or over-size in full rule with the inclusive mentality therefore perfect for all body shapes. We will therefore dress in fresh, comfortable fabrics with some references to a past that is however revisited with contemporary taste. Back, in fact, the ’20s and ’90s in the style and fabrics that recall nature, so here we are with fantasies with flowers and animal prints.
The colors are vibrant and inspired by nature and summer energy. Among the predominant colors are the shades of orange, yellow, pink, blue and green, all characterized by a brightness and freshness that recall the sun and the sea.
Let’s take a look together with Cimmino to trends and fabrics Moda Mare

Fabrics, colors and prints of sea fashion 2023

As we have already mentioned, at the heart of this year’s sea fashion trend will be comfort and lightness.
The proposal is to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics to ensure maximum comfort in any situation; among the fabrics, therefore, we find linen, silk, cotton and chiffon, ideal for fresh and light garments. Silk, on the other hand, is perfect for elegant looks and is ideal for summer evenings to spend outdoors with friends or with your partner. Cotton, a classic summer fabric, is available in more innovative versions, such as stretch cotton or organic cotton. We have already said that summer fashion will give particular importance to the bodyshape and the inclusive mentality therefore particular attention is given to the choice of cuts and shapes of the garments, favoring large and fluid models, which allow greater breathability; we find in fact flared dresses, palazzo trousers and oversize shirts.
As for colors, fashion is inspired by nature and the vivacity of the summer. In addition to the bright pink Barbie style, there are the most delicate baby blue or the most intense cobalt blue but also “sunset effect” shades, warm and enveloping, such as orange and yellow. Even the green will take its place among the colors of summer 2023, recalling precisely the nature and freshness of summer environments.
In the 2023 sea fashion trends flowers abound, not only on the prints that decorate shirts, T-shirts and dresses but also on the accessories that become the protagonists and strong pieces of the outfit. Animal prints will also be very popular, especially those that recall the colors of nature.

Trends sea costumes 2023

This year we can finally say goodbye to the fateful swimsuit season thanks to a simple and inclusive sea fashion. One-piece or bikini, cut-out or crochet, vintage or minimal, high-waisted silhouettes that streamline: these are the trends proposed by the summer fashion 2023.
The cut-out costume, abandons the trikini and monokini and focuses on more modern shapes, in particular thanks to small strategic cuts under the breast, on the shoulders or side, which make the garment sensual but with taste.
The identikit of the glamorous high-waisted model includes the sports bralette or contoured underwire and the high-waist culotte that juts out the hips but, if you want to dare, even the low-rise bottom is on the crest of the wave.
For the one-piece costumes or for the cover-ups, a must-have this season will be the boho style in crochet, preferably in the tone of cream white, reminiscent of the old yarns by hand or in multicolor to pick up precisely the floral and vibrant patterns typical of summer 2023. For those who are not fans of excesses, outside and inside the shoreline, even the minimal style is part of the summer collections of 2023, both in its whole shape and in the two pieces, in the colors of black, white, chocolate, terracotta or powder.

Men’s summer fashion 2023

Don’t worry boys, we haven’t forgotten you!
Even on the front of men’s summer fashion the concept of comfort and lightness is affirmed. In fact, there is a return of the 90s, with wide shirts with patch pockets, bermuda shorts and cargo boxer costumes, the latter to be combined with colorful T-shirts with matching prints and summer sneakers.
For trousers will prefer the wide ones, which are confirmed as a versatile garment made to adapt perfectly to all body types, ideal for those who want to dress practical, comfortable and fresh garments, especially with the increase in temperature.
The colors of the men’s garments of the summer 2023 collections evoke the maritime environments of bays and coasts: alongside the neutral tones and the marine blues we find the green declined in various shades, from olive to algae up to the palm. But to liven up some classic garments are also allowed more pop and flamboyant tones.
Even for men’s costumes, you take a step back by preferring boxers with tropical or striped patterns, or even, simply in a minimal style with neutral colors, such as blue.

To choose the most suitable fashion fabrics for the summer season 2023, we invite you to browse the catalog on the Cimmino website.

best fabrics for fittings by ceremony

The best fabrics for ceremonial installations

When it comes to setting up a ceremony, the choice of fabrics plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere. There are different types of fabrics that can be used for ceremonial installations, each with its own peculiarities. Below we will discover what is meant by setting up ceremonies and we will find out the most common fabrics for weddings, meticulously selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.

Wedding favors preparation

What is meant by setting up ceremonies

The ceremonial setting refers to the organization of the elements that make up the environment in which a ceremony takes place, such as a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation party or other similar occasions. Features include seating arrangements, location decoration, choice of flowers, lighting, fabrics and more.

The choice of fabrics therefore depends on the type of event and the personal taste of the organizers.
There are many examples of ceremonial installations, depending on the style you want to recreate.

Elegant setting: characterized by a sophisticated, luxurious and refined style. There are usually gold or silver details, candles and luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet and brocade.

Rustic setting: characterized by a simpler and more natural style, which recalls rural and rural life. It is common to find raw wood elements, exposed bricks, wildflowers and candles. A rustic setting can also be called country chic or shabby chic. In the first case, we talk about locations such as farmhouses or farms, the ideal choice for those who get married in summer or outdoors, in a green setting. In the second case, the aesthetic becomes a little more kitsch, for all lovers of decoupage and old furniture. The ideal fabrics are those that recall nature, such as raw linen, cotton, jute and hemp.

Romantic setting: it is characterized by a delicate and romantic style, with a palette of pastel colors and the use of flowers, soft lights and light fabrics such as tulle and organza. It is typical of the traditional ceremonies that take place in the church and in dream locations such as villas with swimming pool, round tables and white tablecloths.

Modern setting: it is characterized by minimalist style, linear and clean, with a palette of neutral colors, such as gray, dove grey, beige and white, and the use of LED lights, glass and steel elements, modern furnishings.

Vintage setting: it is characterized by a retro and nostalgic style, with the use of vintage objects and furnishings such as old suitcases, typewriters and old books. You can also find fabrics such as lace and printed silk.

Let’s find out in detail what are the best fabrics for the fulfillment of a dream of love, or marriage.

Wedding planning

The best fabrics for weddings planning

The wedding planning is like the canvas on which a masterpiece is painted. Every stroke, every detail, every color chosen tells the story of the bride and groom and transmits the emotions experienced during this important day.

It is like the setting of a great show, where each element is studied and carefully positioned to create an unforgettable experience for guests. The lights create the right atmosphere, the flowers leave a trail of sweet scents and soft fabrics envelop the guests with delicacy.

The setting up is an art that requires care, passion and creativity, the frame in which you enclose the beauty of the party. Let’s find out which are the most used fabrics.


Tulle is a light and transparent fabric, often used for ceiling decorations, tablecloths and curtains. Its delicate appearance makes it perfect for weddings and other romantic ceremonies. It is also relatively inexpensive and available in many different colors. Just browse Cimmino’s catalog to get an idea of the multitude of tulle fabrics, such as: Tulle Crash, Tulle Bomboniera, Tulle Madreperla, Tulle Laminato.

Tulle fabric
Canvas fabric


Canvas is thicker and stronger than tulle, but just as versatile. It can be used to create photo backgrounds, tablecloths and even curtains. Its rugged appearance makes it suitable for outdoor settings, such as garden weddings or beach parties. These are some of the fabrics to use: Tela Juta Laminata, Tela Juta Calcutta Naturale, Tela Juta Calcutta Color, Tela Juta Deli.

Linen and Cotton

Linen is a natural and fresh fabric, which has an elegant and rustic look at the same time. It can be used to cover tables, for tablecloths and even chairs. Thanks to its lightness, it is ideal for outdoor or summer ceremonies.

Cotton is a versatile and durable fabric, to be used for tablecloths, chairs, curtains and decorative panels, but also to make comfortable pillows for guests.

For a country chic wedding, rustic and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are perfect. You could use raw linen tablecloths and runners, wooden chairs with white cotton cushions and make a decorative bow with tulle, flowers and green leaves. Here are some of the suggested fabrics: Lino 2006 Dolce, Lino Tela 2001 Dolce, Lino 3006 Dolce, Tessuto Cotone Vichy.

Linen fabric
Organza Fabric


Organza is a light and transparent fabric, which gives a touch of elegance to the decorations.
It can be used to create curtains, draperies and tablecloths. Thanks to its transparent nature, it can also be superimposed on other fabrics for a multilayer effect. Organza Arcobaleno Unito and Organza Arcobaleno Cangiante are suitable for many uses.


Velvet is an elegant, luxurious and soft to the touch fabric. Due to its heavy nature, it is ideal for winter and evening ceremonies. Velvet Kenya, available in different colors, can be used to cover chairs, cushions, tables and even to create decorative panels. Velvet Furnishing Fabric is widely used for interior design, available in warm and plain colors.

Velvet fabric

Browse Cimmino catalog e and find out all the best fabrics for ceremonies!