Cimmino fabrics for a  perfect Harlequin costume​

Harlequin is a character of the Comedy of the profession. He is meant to be a kind of “noble savage”, devoid of reason and full of emotion, a peasant, a servant, even a slave. His originally wooden and later leather half-mask painted black depicts him as having a short nose, a set of wide eyebrows, a rounded beard, and always a bump on his forehead that symbolizes devil’s horn. 

The mask is often accompanied by the colourful clothes of a joker that could be easily made with Cimmino Carnival’s fabrics:

RASO JOLLY For the Arlecchino costume choose RASO JOLLY 300.
TULLE DORA For the red collar details choose TULLE DORA 6 ROSSO.
PILE NEBRASKA For the yellow gloves choose PILE NEBRASKA 104 GIALLO.


Enjoy the carnival!