Dolce Cimmino

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Dolce Cimmino collection includes premium quality bedding fabrics that are produced by the best Italian weavers and dyers.

Our mission was to provide our customers with sweet dreams – that is why we named it Dolce Cimmino.

This newly added Cimmino collection reflects our Neapolitan roots, our 250 years tradition, and our dedication to quality and authenticity.

Dolce Cimmino fabrics are made from 100% linen and have organic and natural style. Their softness and lightweight are what make them very comfortable for use and easy to handle. All fabrics are made to last and have excellent wicking properties.

Dolce Cimmino collection is made of the following 5 fabrics:

Lenzuolo 3006 Dolce
Lino 3006 Dolce
Lino 2006 Dolce
Lino Tela 2001 Dolce
Tagli Coperta 2001 Dolce

These exclusive made in Italy fabrics are offered in refined and luxury packaging.

Download Dolce Cimmino brochure or browse our online catalogue.

Order Dolce Cimmino collection by contacting Sergio Cecere.
tel. +39 081 5108534