End of summer fabric tips

The end of summer clothing needs to have qualities such as breathability, lightweight and needs to be flowy. It also needs to be very absorbent, soft, and smooth against the body.

Here is the list of top 5 Cimmino fabrics for the end of summer clothing:

Cotone Pois

Composition: Coton 100%
This is a lightweight smooth finished cotton available in different prints and colors. It is the best fabric to make summer dresses. It absorbs moisture right off the body.

Camiceria Popelin Egitto

Composition: 100% Cotton
The poplin made with cotton fibers is a favorite for making men’s shirts. The fabric has a nice tight weave and hence very strong and durable and doesn’t wrinkle as much as other cotton fabrics.

Maglina Cotone Frida

Composition: 90% Cotton 10% Elastane
This fabric is made by knitting cotton fibers and this gives it a slight stretch. This is the fabric that the t-shirts are made of. It can also be made into comfortable tops and dresses.

Pizzo San Gallo Extra

Composition: 100% Cotton
This is the lightweight fabric ideal for summer dresses and characterized by embroidery, the art of decorating the fabrics by needle or thread.

Tessuto Lino Abbigliamento

Composition: 100% Linen
This fabric is a natural summer fabric – a fabric that is meant to keep you cool whatever the temperature is. It is the high air permeability of the fabric that gives comfort.

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