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Fabrics Cimmino May 2024: the news in the catalog

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino presents the new products for May 2024! Here are the new fabrics included in the samples and the different variants to choose from!

May 2024: new fabrics in the Cimmino catalogue

Let’s discover the new textiles in the catalog of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino!

Cotone Percalle Omero Light

This Cotton Percle Homer Light offers an incomparable sleeping experience. Immerse yourself in a world of comfort and softness with this high quality cotton fabric. Discover why you should choose the Cotton Percle Omero Light to transform the bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation.

light Homer percale cotton fabric

Our Cotton Percale Omero Light is made of 100% high quality cotton, ensuring a luxurious touch and a feeling of freshness. With a composition that ensures softness and resistance, this fabric offers maximum comfort for a regenerating sleep. Every night, wrap yourself in the comfort and softness of this fine cotton. With a wide range of uses, the Percale Cotton Omero Light adapts perfectly to any environment. Give a twist to your lifestyle with this versatile and elegant fabric. Whether you’re updating your bedding or creating new home decor projects, this fabric offers a timeless touch of class.

Elastic Fabric Priscilla

Priscilla elastic fabric

Explore the world of comfort and style without equal with the Priscilla Elastic Fabric. With a unique composition of viscose, polyamide and elastane, this fabric offers effortless elegance for every occasion. Discover why the Priscilla Elastic Fabric is the ideal choice for those looking for versatile and comfortable garments.

Thanks to its soft texture and its elasticity, the Priscilla Elastic Fabric adapts perfectly to your dynamic lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a casual look for the day or a sophisticated elegance for the evening, this fabric is the perfect solution. Experience the unparalleled versatility of this fabric, creating garments that adapt to every moment of the day with simplicity and style. Unleash your creativity with the Priscilla Elastic Fabric. Its breathability and elasticity guarantee a feeling of freedom and comfort, allowing you to move easily in any situation. Whether you’re creating dresses, pants or skirts, this fabric gives you the freedom to express your unique style without sacrificing comfort.

New variants and new colors of Cimmino fabrics

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino also presents new versions and colours of the fabrics already in the catalogue!

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