Fabrics for production of protective masks are available now

fabrics for the production of protective masks

We are able to provide fabrics for the production of protective masks.

In this delicate moment, Manifattura Foderami Cimmino srl, as an integral part of the production chain of PPE (protective masks for personal use), remains operational for the distribution of certified non-woven fabric and pure cotton for the production of the same.

Among the fabrics currently available for the creation of protective masks :

TNT Decor TNT Decor
Cotton Madapolam lia Cotton Madapolam lia


We can also supply fabrics necessary for the production of hospital coats, uniforms and other workwear such as:

Gabardine Lodi Sanforato Gabardine Lodi Sanforato
Giove Extra Sanfor sateen Giove Extra Sanfor sateen
Terital Fresia Terital Fresia
Terital Legnano Terital Legnano
Gabardine Astor Gabardine Astor
Shirt Popelin Egypt Shirt Popelin Egypt
Massaua Ford B.co Massaua Ford B.co
Menorca Cotton Canvas Menorca Cotton Canvas
Treviso canvas Treviso canvas
Amalfi Sea Canvas Amalfi Sea Canvas
Sorrento Cotton Canvas Sorrento Cotton Canvas
Massaua Detroit Sanforized Massaua Detroit Sanforized
Trendy Piquet Kingdom Trendy Piquet Kingdom
Cartoon Printed Cotton Cartoon Printed Cotton
Ischia Extra Feather Ischia Extra Feather
Hippye fabric Hippye fabric
Sweat fabric Sweat fabric
Burlington fabric Burlington fabric
Cotton jersey Frida Cotton jersey Frida
Goofy Flexi Goofy Flexi
Daily cotton Daily cotton
Synthetic Siberia Synthetic Siberia
Linen Fabric Clothing Linen Fabric Clothing
Tatiana Bielastica Tatiana Bielastica
Panno Best Panno Best
Tela Cipro Tela Cipro
Cotone Percalle Omero Cotone Percalle Omero

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