Fashion face masks can use two materials to improve safety

Researcher Loretta Fernandez of Northeastern University shows that homemade masks can be more proactive if they are made up of two protective fabrics. Adding a double layer can boost its ability to filter out small particles and increase safety. 
Besides the material we’re using for filtering, adding a layer that keeps the mask tight to the face is also important in order to avoid air entering into the breathing zone.
The researchers point out that tightly woven fabrics, such as cotton, can act as a mechanical barrier to particles, whereas fabrics that hold a static charge, like certain types of chiffon and natural silk, serve as an electrostatic barrier.
Here are Cimmino suggestions of cotton fabrics as a mechanical barrier:

In addition, you can choose to combine with some of Cimmino fabrics that can serve as an electrostatic barrier:

Also, homemade face masks can be both fashionable and protective. You can always choose the outside layer with a certain cotton print or in a specific color that you can combine easily with your outfit.

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