Get ready! Cimmino Flash Sales coming soon with 70 % discount

Cimmino Flash Sales

We are happy to announce that this June we will start with Cimmino Flash Sales which include 70 % discount.

Cimmino Flash Sales are a new fun way of offering some of out best fabrics to our customers at great prices.

We will offer limited fabric packages of our choice at 70 % discount sales. Our experts will select some of the best fabrics from our various collections in Flash Sales fabrics packages. The limited number of fabric packages will be sold by the “first come first get” principle.

Cimmino Flash Sales are great for retailers because they will get a wide range of fabrics at a 70 % discount, and also for designers who wish to experiment with different fabrics. Our first Cimmino Flash Sales will be announced within a week or so in June 2020. As soon as they are announced, it is up to you to hurry and order your package before they are sold out.

We will be announcing Cimmino Flash Sales on our:

Once you see them you should quickly order.

To learn more about Cimmino Flash Sales contact Marco Giannone:
+39 081 5108534