Men's shirt: Here are the details that make the difference

The shirt is one of the most famous garments of the male wardrobe. And above all the most used one. Thanks to the natural materials, modern design and the comfortable fit, it is the main part of man’s style and it is worn at work, with formal attire, and casually, with jeans and sneakers.

Here are the fabrics that make the difference for the choice of men’s shirt:

1) Popeline – It is the true classic of men’s fashion, without being too elegant and formal. It’s perfect for everyday business looks. This fabric is characterized by an imperceptible striped effect due to its canvas weave with a double number of warp threads.

2) Oxford – Its peculiarity is the presence of fine yarns (often colored) in warp and thicker white yarns in the weft that give an unusual “dotted” or “chessboard” look. Originally used for sportswear and much heavier than other options, this fabric is suitable for the versatile shirts that can be worn casually.
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3) Denim – It is known all over the world for being the basic fabric of jeans garments, the well-known blue jeans. With this fabric, however, not only trousers are made, but also shirts with a typical indigo color, characterized by strength and a good thermal insulation. Denim is made up of a weft of threads of the same color of cotton (white) and a warp of vertical threads of blue tint. It can be worn to break a basic look over the white T-shirt with black pants, or to give a casual twist to a linen blazer.
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4) Linen – Light, breathable and thin like few others, linen is the ideal fabric for the hot summer months. The linen shirt is fresh and practical, but also classic and casual, it is the piece that you will not be able to do without during warmer days.
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Other details of shirt to be taken into consideration are:

The collar – This small detail of style, in fact, is the most visible part under the jacket and plays a decisive role in determining the formality and use of the shirt itself. There are many models of shirt collar (French, Italian, French, botton down). What most differentiates the collars is the amplitude: the distance between the front tips of the neck and consequently the area of ​​the two sails that determines the style.

The cuffs – These are the small details that make a shirt more or less suitable for a look or a circumstance. There are several types: bevelled, round, straight, French.