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New Cimmino fabrics February 2024: new fabrics and variants

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino presents the new products of February 2024! Here are the new fabrics in the catalog and the new colors and design to choose from.

February 2024: new fabrics in the Cimmino catalogu

Let’s discover the new fabrics added to the catalogue of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino!

Pullover Metal Plissè Sabrina

Discover the elegance and versatility of the Maglina Metal Plissè Sabrina, a fabric that redefines the boundaries of fashion thanks to its unique texture and the ability to catch the eye. Characterized by regular folds, known as pleats, this sweater offers a three-dimensional texture that adds depth and movement to each garment. Its pleated surface is ideal for those who want to stand out with elegance and originality.

Sabrina pleated metal sweater

The flexibility of the fabric ensures a comfortable fit, adapting perfectly to body shapes and allowing unparalleled freedom of movement. This feature makes it particularly suitable for dance and show wear, where comfort and aesthetics play a key role.

Elastic sequins Margot

Elastic sequins Margot

Immerse yourself in luxury and brilliance with the Margot Elastic Sequins fabric, a sophisticated choice for those looking to combine the charm of sequins with the comfort of an elastic fabric. This unique material is designed to capture and reflect light, thanks to the thousands of small sparkling sequins evenly distributed over the entire surface, ensuring a bright and glamorous visual effect.

The elastic base of the fabric not only enhances the aesthetics of the sequins but also ensures a perfect fit, embracing the body gently and allowing complete freedom of movement. This combination makes the fabric extremely versatile, ideal for clothing creations that require both visual impact of great effect and uncompromising comfort.

Cluster Elastic Network

The Cluster Elastic Net represents the quintessence of comfort and flexibility in the world of dance clothing. This high-quality, black fabric has been specially selected for those looking for the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Its mesh structure offers unparalleled breathability, while the elasticity ensures a snug and comfortable fit, allowing absolute freedom of movement.

Cluster Elastic Network

Ideal for making skirts and dance gown bottoms, the Cluster Elastic Net is particularly appreciated in professional dance environments. Whether it’s tango, flamenco, ballet or other styles that require ample gestures and fluid movements, this fabric adapts perfectly to the needs of dancers, emphasizing the beauty of body movement with each step.

Tulle Nylon Stars

Tulle Nylon Stars

Discover the unique charm of Tulle Nylon Stars, a polyamide fabric embellished with bright multi-colored foil applications, ideal to give a touch of magic to your every creation. This versatile material is the choice for those looking to add brilliance and color to their projects, whether it’s clothing, special event decorations, custom accessories or gift packaging.

The Tulle Nylon Stars lends itself beautifully to the realization of decorations for the holidays, such as bows, ribbons and ornaments to hang, turning every occasion into an unforgettable moment. It is also perfect for adding unique decorative details to dresses, skirts, shawls, stoles and a variety of accessories, giving a touch of elegance and originality. For fans of hobbies and crafts, this fabric offers endless creative possibilities, from the creation of hair decorations and bows for shoes to flowers and ornaments for bags, allowing you to express their creativity in new and surprising ways. Even in the field of packaging fabrics, Tulle Nylon Stars is an excellent choice, adding an element of sophisticated party to gift packages, making them even more special.

Linux curtain

The Linux Curtain represents the perfect balance between elegance and functionality, combining the nobility of linen with the practicality of polyester. This fusion of materials offers the best of both worlds: linen adds a touch of naturalness and elegance, while polyester ensures long life and simplified maintenance.

Linux drapery

This fabric for curtains is the ideal solution for those who want to create a cozy and refined, thanks to its ability to gently filter the light, modulating the light intensity of the room in a sophisticated way. The design, simple but of great effect, adapts perfectly to any style of furniture, helping to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The novelties of February 2024 for the colors of Cimmino fabrics

In the catalog of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino there are also new colors and designs that await you!

Keep following us to stay updated on all the news of the Cimmino catalogue to be included in your sample!

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