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New Cimmino fabrics January 2024: new colours and designs

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino presents the novelties of January 2024! Here are the new fabrics in the catalog and the new colors and design to choose from.

January 2024: the new fabrics in the Cimmino catalogue

Let’s discover the new fabrics added to the catalogue of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino!

Mirella Mano Lana fabric

The Fabric Mirella Mano Lana, characterized by the code M6564, represents a novelty in the world of clothing, perfectly fitting into the categories dedicated to the latest trends. This material stands out for its innovative composition, a harmonious fusion of polyester and viscose, which is enriched with a characteristic twill effect and a texture that recalls the wool to the touch.

Mirella Mano Lana fabric

Its particular elasticity makes it extremely versatile, ideal for the creation of various garments that require both comfort and resistance. In addition, the Mirella Mano Lana Fabric is certified according to OEKO-TEX 100 standards, a guarantee of quality and safety in the materials used, ensuring a reliable and environmentally friendly product and consumer health.

Elastic sweater Jive

knit elastic

The Maglina Elastica Jive, identified by the code M6548, is placed at the forefront in the categories dedicated to dance & entertainment, representing one of the latest innovations. This magical fabric, designed specifically to shine in the spotlight of the scene, is the favorite choice for those who want to stand out. Its lightweight and breathable composition ensures unsurpassed comfort and essential freedom of movement.

The addition of glitter particles gives the fabric an almost enchanted dimension, ensuring that every movement captures the light and attention, transforming each performance into a memorable moment. Perfect for creating dance costumes and dresses that require that extra touch of sparkle, the Jive Elastic Sweater is the ideal canvas on which to paint every dancer’s dreams.

Licra Stampato Iris

The Licra Stampato Iris, with its identification code M6550, emerges as an exciting novelty in the world of dance and entertainment. This two-way stretch fabric stands out for its versatility and the vivacity of its patterns, offering a range of cheerful and colorful designs perfect for capturing attention on stage.

Licra Stampato Iris

Its elasticity in two directions ensures a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort, making it ideal for creating bodysuits and overalls that accompany the artist in every movement, without limitations. The Licra Stampato Iris is the preferred choice for those who seek to express energy and dynamism through costumes, making it perfect for modern dance shows where color and shape play a key role in artistic interpretation.

Flocked sweater Giverny

Flocked sweater Giverny

The Maglina Floccata Giverny represents an innovation in the dance and entertainment sector, standing out for its unique design and elegance. This mesh fabric is enhanced by a floral flocking that adds a touch of sophistication and sophistication, making it perfect for creating dance costumes and evening dresses that require a distinctive signature.

Its unique texture not only catches the eye but also offers a pleasant feel to the touch, while ensuring the breathability and comfort required for artistic performance. Ideal for those who want to combine the elegance of floral tradition with the modernity of performance materials, the Maglina Floccata Giverny is the optimal choice to dress unforgettable moments both on stage and on special occasions.

Licra Jupiter

The Licra Jupiter, marked by the code M6552, is presented as a prominent novelty in the dance and entertainment sector. This bielastic fabric, characterized by a single base, is embellished with a sequence of glitter effects in silver or gold tones, which give the material an exceptional brilliance.

Licra Jupiter

Its particular composition makes it extremely suitable for the creation of leotards and dance dresses, offering not only a visually appealing appearance but also great versatility and comfort. The Licra Jupiter is ideal for those who seek to combine elegance and splendor in their costumes, ensuring that every movement on stage is accompanied by an irresistible glitter, capable of capturing attention and captivating the audience.

The novelties of January 2024 for colors and designs of Cimmino fabrics

In the catalog of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino there are also new colors waiting for you!

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