Pannolenci: what is it and how to use it

Pannolenci is a versatile and fascinating material that has won the hearts of many enthusiasts of manual work. But what exactly is pannolenci and how can you best use it? Let’s discover it together with Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.

What material is pannolenci? History and features of this hobby cloth

Pannolenci is a non-woven fabric, obtained through a fiber felting process. It is warm, light and thin, features that make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Who invented the thin felt? Pannolenci was invented by the company Lenci, founded in Turin in 1919 by Enrico and Elena Scavini. Originally, it was used to make artistic dolls, which were made entirely of cloth with heads pressed into shaped molds and painted faces.

How do you make the pannolenci? The pannolenci is produced through a process of felting the fibers, which are then pressed and treated to obtain the desired consistency and softness.

What is the difference between felt and pannolenci? Felt and pannolenci are both felted materials, but have some differences. While felt is generally thicker and stiffer, pannolenci is thinner and more flexible. In addition, pannolenci has a smoother and velvety finish than felt.

rolls of pannolenci

What is pannolenci for? 5 Creative Ideas to Make Pannolenci Decorations

This non-woven fabric lends itself to different activities: the pannolenci is suitable for making a wide range of objects, from decorations to dresses, through patchwork and jewelry.

What can we do with pannolenci? The pannolenci is perfect for creating dolls and puppets handmade, detailed, with colorful clothes and accessories, unique and personalized. Pannolenci can be used to create a variety of fashion accessories, such as brooches, earrings, bracelets and headbands.

From garlands to wall decorations, coasters and pillows, pannolenci is ideal to add a touch of color and originality to your home. It is often used to make seasonal products, such as Christmas or Halloween decorations.

Pannolenci is also used daily to create educational games such as puzzles or sensory books, which help children’s development through the experimentation of different textures and shapes. As a durable yet soft material, it is also perfect for creating covers for notebooks, diaries or cases for tablets and smartphones.

creations with pannolenci

How to use pannolenci: tips to best treat this versatile fabric

How do you work pannolenci? Working with pannolenci is simple and fun. You can cut it, sew it, glue it and decorate it as you like. Due to its non-woven nature, it does not tend to fray, making the cut and stitching much easier than other fabrics. How do you glue the pannolenci? Pannolenci can be glued using fabric-specific glues.

Cloth fabrics for decorations: the Cimmino proposals

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino has selected for you the best fabrics for hobby and handcraft: here are the proposals of cloth with which to make home decorations on the occasion of all holidays and important celebrations.

Panno Sublimatik

A proposal of cloth declined in various patterned prints for works of hobby, craft, patchwork and decoration in general, ideal for the realization of small accessories such as bags and cases.

Panno Sublimatik
Panno Best Stampato

Panno Best Stampa Dgt Chrs. Ed. cm 90

What would Christmas be without its proverbial decorations? This needle punch fabric features beautiful Christmas digital print designs to use to make all the best ideas related to the most anticipated time of year.

Best Printed Cloth Dgt

It has never been so easy to make decorations and accessories for your home: the right fabric for those who want to give a romantic touch to different environments is this needle with digital print flowers, declined in neutral tones for a perfect shabby chic style.

Panno Best
Panno Fantasia Stampato

Panno Fantasia Stampato

Go free to creativity with a fabric that lends itself very well to creating works of hobbies, craft, patchwork and decorations of all kinds. The bright colors and polka dot pattern, always on trend, make this needle needle particularly suitable to become the absolute protagonist for the packaging of small accessories such as bags and cases.

Panno Best 1,4 mm

A material with endless possibilities of processing: in its various colors can be used as a basis for creative sewing oriented to the realization of Christmas and Easter crafts, events and parties, hobbies, carnival dresses, decorations, puppets, accessories and various applications.

Panno Best Rosa
Panno Bea

Panno Bea

Among the fabrics to make very resistant decorations stands out this very compact non-woven fabric that does not wear out easily, designed as a support for sublimation prints. A cloth that lends itself to different uses in everyday life and on special occasions, such as holidays scattered throughout the year.

Browse now the catalog dedicated to fabrics and cloths for decorations by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino!

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