Piquet fabric: features and uses

The piquet (sometimes italianized in picché) is a cotton fabric, generally of white color or very light shades, which has small patterns in relief, such as rhombus, square, small stitches.

Also called “Lacoste” (from the name of the well-known fashion house from which this fabric was born), it is used especially for sports and summer clothing: just think of the traditional polo shirts signed Lacoste. It is a fabric operated by the soft and fresh hand. There are also heavier versions, which are widely used in the field of furniture and bedding, especially if it comes to making bedspreads and quilts.

Every fabric material has a unique story to tell and, often, it is collected very backwards in time. Although its is more recent than other noble and ancient materials such as silk or cashmere, even piquet has something to tell us: let’s discover it together!

piquet bedspread

History of cotton pique fabric

Cotton piquet first appeared on the textile market at the beginning of the last century. The sportswear at that time was flannel, so not particularly comfortable in ensuring fluidity and speed in movements. The piquet knitwear was designed by French tennis player Jean-René Lacoste, the man who invented the famous polo shirt. Despite being a great exponent of world tennis, his name is today mainly linked to the sports shirts he designed in 1933.

Features of the cotton piquet

In appearance, the texture of the fabric is very similar to that of waffle, soft and light linen towels. The difference lies in the plot: there are no soft lines but you can find in the scheme rhombic or square elements. The plot is quite complicated. The material is based on two threads of weft and transverse weft, which is why this type of model is called quilted. Hence the origin of the word “piqué”, from the French “Piquer” which means “stitching, fastening material”.
The clothes made with this type of fabric are versatile and suitable for everyday wear: ideal for sports, leisure and even business meetings.

The composition of the original fabric is 100% cotton, but over time other materials have been added: in fact, in the knitwear you can find mixed yarns, such as elastane and polyester. The addition of fibers has allowed the piquet to gain more and more popularity, but the uniqueness of this fabric has become less valuable, causing the material to gradually lose its original shape.

pique fabric

Properties and advantages of piquet fabric

Thepiquet, extremely versatile fabric, is famous for its countless advantages. Beyond the pleasant appearance that makes it particularly suitable for any context, this fabric has unique characteristics. Being mainly made with natural yarns, we can also consider it an eco-sustainable fabric. Another advantage is the exceptional absorbency and breathability, unlike synthetic fabrics.

Everyone knows how fragile natural fabrics are, especially silk, wool and microfiber. What they don’t know, however, is that it’s not the case of cotton piquet: thanks to the particular manufacturing structure and the possibility of adding synthetic fibers and other fibers, this fabric is very durable and can last for years always keeping impeccable. If most of the materials lose their chromatic characteristics over time, the colors of the piquet remain saturated and bright. An unpretentious fabric that does not need special care.

The best piquet fabrics selected by Cimmino

As we have seen, the piquet fabric is a cotton characterized by a raised texture formed by small ribs, and can be light or heavy, depending on the use that must be done.
The embossed motifs that personalize this particular fabric are made by weaving two textures that create a pleasant workmanship. Cimmino has selected for you the best piquet fabrics: let’s find out what they are and how to use them!

Trendy Printed Piquet Quilt

This type of fabric is suitable for bed linen and for childhood. The cotton is quilted and lightweight, with patterned prints, great for covering sheets, cribs, cots or to make summer clothes.

trendy quilt
trendy piquet joined

Piquet Trendy United

100% cotton fabric to be used for linen, medical (masks), children’s clothing and home decorations. It is available in pastel colors: pink, white, cream and light blue.

Piquet Printed Trendy

A very light 100% cotton fabric, with patterned prints and many colors available. It is ideal for the sheets of cribs or cots and for making summer clothing of various types.

trendy printed piquet
piquet printed digital joy

Piquet Printed Digital Joy

Lightweight and printed cotton piquet fabric, OEKO-TEX certified. It is one of the latest products in the Cimmino catalogue and is perfect for bed linen for children, as well as being used in the field of crafts and home decorations.

Piquet Siena

100% cotton piquet fabric available in white, pink, light green, light blue and light yellow.
To be used in medical, home decor, linen and clothing for children.

piquet siena
piquet lausanne sanforized

Piquet Lausanne Sanforized

The sanforized piquet fabric is defined by the special treatment it undergoes during its processing. The fabric is unbreakable and resistant to numerous washings. It is also available in red, orange and blue. It can be used for linen and for furnishing the house.

Piquet Lario Honeycomb

The Lario honeycomb piquet features the classic hexagonal relief motifs. It is ideal for children’s bedding.

piquet lario
piquet gioia

Piquet Gioia Honeycomb

Another 100% cotton honeycomb fabric, with diamond motifs in relief. This is also perfect for bed linen for children, as well as making cute accessories intended for children.

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