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Saglia lining: what it is, what it serves and the best Saglia fabrics

If you are looking for a lining fabric that guarantees high quality and resistance, the saglia fabric is for you. The saglia fabric is a type of fabric characterized by a diagonal weave. Its pattern is created in a specific way by the interweaving of warp and weft threads that gives the fabric a distinctive and resistant texture. The saglia fabric is one of the three main types of textile weaves, along with canvas and satin weave, and can be woven into a variety of materials such as cotton, wool, silk and more.

Let’s see together with Manifattura Foderami Cimmino the characteristics and uses of this fabric for lining.

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Characteristics of the saglia fabrics

The saglia fabric has various features that make it unique and ideal for a variety of uses. Thanks to the weave with diagonal effect this fabric is very resistant to tearing and wear. But be careful, this does not mean that it is a “hard” fabric; in fact, despite being a durable fabric, the saglia fabric is flexible and comfortable to wear. In addition, being available in a variety of materials, colors and patterns is ideal for a wide range of uses.

The endless uses of the saglia fabric

Due to its strength and variety, the saglia fabric can be used for different uses.
We can use it, for example, to line pants and jackets. Its resistance also rhymes with the ability to maintain weights, so it is also widely used in the production of backpacks and bags. Thanks to its easy maintenance, the saglia fabric is also commonly used for the production of sheets, pillow covers and blankets. The texture of the saglia fabric makes it ideal for curtains and upholstery. Finally, when mixed with more shiny fabric, it is also ideal for fittings and decorations.

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Tips for a perfect care of the saglia fabric

Like any fabric, the fabric saglia for lining needs some precautions to last longer.
This fabric can be washed safely in the washing machine but you must use only cold water in order to prevent it from fading or shrinking. In addition, it is essential to avoid aggressive chemicals such as bleach and abrasive cleaning products as they may damage the fabric.
The fabric saglia is an easy drying fabric in fact it will be enough to dry it in the open air and it is not recommended to use the dryer because the heat could damage the fabric and reduce its life. Finally, if you need to iron the saglia fabric, make sure you do it at low temperature to avoid damaging the fabric.

The best slipcovers in the saglia

As we said the saglia fabric is available in a variety of materials, colors and patterns. Therefore it lends itself to a variety of uses and in particular it is suitable precisely to create the best linings for coats, skirts, clothes and more.

Let’s see together what are the best liners in the saglia recommended by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.

Saglia Matera

Saglia Matera is a lining that has a semi-glossy surface, soft hand and light weight.
Composed of 100% polyester is present in 22 colors with bright shades. It is an excellent lining to create jacket linings, skirts, bags, hats and coats.

Saglia Matera
Saglia Tosca Reattiva

Saglia Tosca Reattiva

Saglia Tosca Reactiva is a light and robust lining, with a silky and fluid hand. It comes in different classic colors such as white, brown and black as well as particular green bottle or purple eggplant. It is particularly suitable for lining skirts, dresses, jackets and bags internally but its versatility allows it to be adapted to other types of garments.

Saglia Tevere Extra

Saglia Tevere Extra, composed of 50% acetate and 50% viscose, comes in a wide range of colors ranging from the most classic to the most creative. It is a lining with a semi-glossy surface, with a soft hand and light weight, particularly suitable for lining the inside of jackets, skirts and coats.

saglia Tevere
Saglia Gold

Saglia Gold

Saglia Gold, is a light but sturdy lining, silky and fluid. Its versatility and numerous shades of color, such as yellow or fuchsia, make it not only ideal for lining the interiors of skirts, dresses and jackets, but even for outfits and decorations.

Saglia Cangiante Capri/ Ponza

Saglia Cangiante Capri/ Ponza is a diagonal effect lining with changing colors. This particular weave allows the lining to change color depending on the different incidence of light. From the soft hand and light weight is suitable for lining jacket, skirts, coats as well as various uses for sewing hobbies.

Saglia Cangiante
saglia Camelia

Saglia Camelia T/Filo

Just like the flower from which the name is inspired is able to withstand even the coldest of winters, the Saglia Camelia T/Filo lining is light but robust, silky and fluid. The lining is dyed wire and its composition 100% cupro helps to keep the moisture level between fabric and leather low. Ideal for lining skirts, dresses, jackets and bags.

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