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Stretch fabrics: what they are and what they are for

When we choose an item of clothing, we usually tend to choose what gives us comfort and makes us feel comfortable. A fabric that allows us to move in total freedom without sticking. The stretch fabric is one of the most used fabrics in clothing because, just as its name suggests, it allows you to move without feeling “attached”. But what is stretch fabric? How many types of stretch fabrics exist?

Today we discover, together with Manifattura Foderami Cimmino, what and what are the stretch fabrics and their uses in the world of clothing.

elastic fabric

What is stretch fabric?

What is stretch fabric? The elastic fabric or, as we said, stretch fabric is a fabric that has the characteristic of “stretching”. It is in fact produced with elastic threads called “corespun” (that is, covered elastic core) combined with other non-elastic yarns that can be of any type, from wool to cotton, from cashmere to alpaca, from silk to linen. These fibers can also be mixed together.
The characteristics of stretch fabrics are the extreme comfort and the ability to resist deformations and creases. The stretch fabrics for clothing, in fact, guarantee maximum fit and maximum comfort, allowing total freedom of movement. In addition, they are highly tear resistant and manage to keep the humidity very low, they are in fact easy to dry.

Where is the elastic fabric?

The stretch fabric was born mainly for sportswear but, thanks to its ability to adapt and its comfort, it has expanded into the leisure clothing sector and gradually to the more classic fabrics. Stretch fabrics are found in many products, from socks to jeans. Wide is its use also in underwear and stretch fabrics for clothes.

elasticized fabrics

How to measure the elasticity of a fabric?

In order to measure the elasticity of a fabric it is necessary to have a ruler and, resting the fabric on it, exercise an average effort without exaggerating. Based on how many centimeters you will have moved from the initial point, how much will be the degree of elasticity.
It should be noted that there are two types of elasticity of a fabric:
2-way stretch fabrics that have warp or weft elasticity. They are comfortable enough to wear, but not suitable for sportswear. In addition, the 2-way stretch fabric does not return to its original shape;
4-way stretch fabrics can extend in both directions, transversely and longitudinally, which creates better elasticity and makes them perfect for sportswear.

How to wash stretch fabric?

Although the elastic fabric is a very resistant type of fabric, you still have to be careful when washing. Generally to wash stretch fabrics it is good to use water and dry them in the air, this will help to maintain elasticity over time. Therefore avoid the dryer. Another tip that can help prevent excessive twisting and tension of the fabric is to use a mesh bag in which to insert the stretch fabric before inserting it into the washing machine. To treat particular stains, apply some mild liquid detergent before washing and rub gently.

What are the stretch fabrics?

There are various types of stretch fabrics. They differ in the fibers used in their creation. Let’s see together what they are:


Elastane is also known as Lycra or Spandex. This type of fabric can stretch up to 400% of its size, but once mixed with other materials, it can still lend up to 20% of its elasticity to the coupled fiber. Stretch fabrics contain different percentages of elastane, depending on the type of garment, but usually do not exceed this amount since a large amount of this fabric could make the garment uncomfortable. In our catalog you will find various fabrics containing elastane, for example our Elastic Ity Fabric, widely used for casual and sports clothing as very durable.

ity elastic fabric
shiny elastic sweater

Knitted fabrics

Knitted fabrics owe their elasticity to the way they are produced, using woven fibers in rings. The “meshes” from which this elastic fabric is composed give the elasticity, which increases when mixed with other types of elastic fibers. Here, for example, you will find our fantastic Shiny Elastic Sweater. In 15 sparkling colors, this fabric is suitable for women’s clothing, classic, elegant and sporty.

stretch cotton

Stretch cotton is the result of the fusion of natural cotton with elastic microfibers, added in different percentages. The end result is a fresh and sweat-absorbing elastic fabric that makes it very useful in underwear, sportswear and even for shirts just like our Popelin Stretch Shirts fabric.

stretch poplin shirt

These are just the main fabrics, discover the other beautiful stretch fabrics on our website.