The 5 most fashionable fabrics of all time

Here are the 5 fabrics that are never lacking in fashion shows and collections of the biggest brands that are proposed year after year.

1) Denim – is a canvas composed of cotton and linen, generally blue and is the historical fabric with which the trousers are cut into jeans. More than just blue-jeans, today it is a matter of “style” or “denim clothing”; and not just the trousers are “jeans”: the denim fabric is now used for shirts, skirts, jackets, hats, bags, shoes and now we can even think of non-clothing items.
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2) Brocade – it is a woven fabric, of very ancient origin, with colored patterns obtained thanks to discontinuous plots. Usually precious for the use of silk, and metallic textures in gold and silver. There are various types of brocade fabric, such as brassed metalassè, a double fabric that seems to be padded for its reliefs.
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3) Wool – is a natural textile fiber consisting of a protein substance, keratin; it is externally covered by scales and has numerous elastic undulations, the origin of the characteristic curl. This structure gives the wool a softness, elasticity, and a high thermal absorption, dry thermal resistance, due to the air retained between the fibers.
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4) Lace – is a particular processing of yarns to obtain a light, precious and ornate fabric. The operation is not carried out on fabric, instead, it’s the construction of a weave in the void. This fabric is always up-to-date and elegant, with which not only ceremonial dresses are created, but also dresses for more modest occasions and for every day.
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5) Cotton – is a fabric with a thousand uses. Cotton is, among the natural fibers, the most used one. In addition, compared to the wool, it retains less heat, so it can be used to make clothes suitable even for hot seasons.
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