tessuti per la danza

The best fabrics for dance and show

Bright, in the most varied colors and patterns, but also comfortable and practical, ready to be transformed into sparkling dance dresses or theatrical costumes with great scenic impact: are the fabrics for dance and entertainment attention to detail to create spectacular clothes with a comfortable fit and impeccable aesthetics.

We discover, together with Manifattura Foderami Cimmino, the best fabrics for dance and entertainment selected within the wide range of our online catalog!

tessuti ballo e danza

The best fabrics for dance dresses

Here is a series of fabrics chosen to create comfortable and beautiful dance costumes, colorful and suitable for the most incredible stylistic evolutions!

Bielastic fabric

The bielastic fabric is distinguished by the workmanship that makes it “stretch” both in the vertical and in the horizontal sense. In this way, maximum comfort in movements is guaranteed: this material is ideal for making dance dresses with remarkable performances. Available in different colors and many patterns, the bielastic fabric is the choice of those who want to create fantastic costumes for dance!

Discover now the Cimmino proposals: Katerina Bielastico Matto, Lorella Bielastica, Tatiana Bielastica!

Jersey Fabric

An elastic fabric embellished in many cases by glitter and other decorations that add a touch of light to create and enrich dance dresses. Shine and relief effect make the sweater particularly suitable for making costume competition for dancers of tango, rumba and dances extremely sensual.

Discover now the Cimmino proposals: Maglina Elastica Club, Maglina Elastica Dancing, Maglina Sparkling, Maglina Stampata Bloom, Maglina Valzer, Maglina Aquadance, Maglina Poliestere Rumba, Maglina Tango, Maglia Metallic!

Elastic/Elastane/Bielastic Fleece Fabric

The elastic fabric lends itself to different variations, perfect for dance dresses: the micro glitter give it the right shine increased by the reflectors, the shaded colors with reptile leather effect give the costumes an intrinsically wild look, the shiny and metallic effect captures the attention to every movement. The bielastic fleece fabric, then, is designed to ensure excellent thermal preservation in case of harsh climates.

Discover now the Cimmino proposals: Metallic Elastan, Tessuto Elastico Reptilia, Tessuto Elastico Salsa, Tessuto Felpa Bielastica, Tessuto Felpa Bielastica Garzato!


In the field of dance clothing, sequins are a fundamental component: in addition to embellishing clothes, they accompany the dance with an extraordinary shimmer. he fabrics enriched with sequins guarantee a remarkable chromatic effect to the dance costume that is realized starting from the choice of this versatile material.

Discover now the proposals Cimmino: Paillettes Brigitte, Paillettes Broadway, Paillettes Elastica Ginger, Paillettes Elastica Hollywood, Paillettes Eva Scrivente, Paillettes Lulu’!

Elastic Lace Fabric

A guarantee when it comes to making dance dresses with a strong sensual charge: the elastic lace wraps the body like a second skin naturally accompanying the movements of the dance. Many colors and patterns available for an accurate choice, which leaves nothing to chance.

Discover now the Cimmino proposals: Pizzo Bistretch Twins, Pizzo Elastico Alexandra, Pizzo Elastico Atlante, Pizzo Elastico Gemini, Pizzo Glitter Stretch Sally!

Laminated Twist Mesh Fabric

The sheen is the main feature of this fabric used to create dance dresses with a great scenic impact: the laminated mesh is versatile and durable, a material suitable for skirts, sleeves and inserts that perfectly combines the needs of comfort with the will to amaze.

Fabric Venice Extra

A fabric selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino that is characterized by the soft hand and that is well suited to many uses, from light casual clothing to dance.

Tulle fabric

The tulle is suitable for the realization of sleeves, inserts and skirts. Elasticity and softness are the two characteristics that distinguish it. It can be the starting point for the creation of dance costumes or individual elements, such as sleeves, bodice and tutu, using it alone or enriching it with other fabrics.

Tulle and big tulle are distinguished by the characteristics of transparency and sensitivity to light that make them particularly suitable to be used for stage sets in the theater and for the setting of events of all kinds.

Read more about our article on How to use tulle!

Discover now the Cimmino proposals Tulle Boemia, Tulle Bomboniera, Tulle Crash, Tulle Crizia Extra, Tulle Dora, Tulle Elastico Avatar, Tulle Elastico Avatar Extra, Tulle Elastico Dripping, Tulle Elastico Effetto Cinz, Tulle Elastico Flock Orbita, Tulle Elastico Magia, Tulle Elastico Nemi GRS, Tulle Elastico Sketch, Tulle Ermes, Tulle Eros, Tulle Eros Extra, Tulle Euphoria, Tulle Floccato Ravello, Tulle Gaia, Tulle Glitter Pandora, Tulle Laminato 454, Tulle Lurex, Tulle Madreperla, Tulle Prisma, Tulle Ricamato Beatrice, Tulle Rigido 463, Tulle Rigido Savoia, Tulle Scintilla, Tulle Semirigido Europa, Tulle Strass Effect, Tullone Letizia!

Vellutino Fabric

A fabric that never goes out of fashion, used to make dance costumes of great trend. The most popular features of this material are the softness and versatility that make it particularly suitable to be transformed into the dance and entertainment industry.

Discover now the Cimmino proposals: Vellutino Glitter Stretch, Vellutino Stretch, Vellutino Stretch Light, Vellutino Stretch Savana!

tessuti spettacolo

The best fabrics for the show

Green light to the color and fantasy in the choice of the best fabrics with which to create theatrical costumes and costumes suitable for different occasions. Here are the fabrics for show of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino!

Boa Multicolor

A scarf of natural feathers multicolor, available in different shades, to be used especially in the theater to enrich costumes and sets.

Licra Fantasia fabric

Elastic fabric available in various patterns, ideal for the realization of leotards and overalls for shows. From this versatile material it is possible to create traditional, modern and contemporary clothes, depending on the role to be played or the dance to be performed.

Discover now the Cimmino proposals Licra Bielastica Matta Flora GRS, Licra Circus, Licra Energy, Licra Fiesta, Licra Flash, Licra Fusion, Licra Grip, Licra Honey, Licra Leo, Licra Neon’ 15, Licra Rainbow, Licra Samba, Licra Santiago, Licra Skate, Licra Solero, Licra Sport, Licra Spray, Licra Sugar, Tessuto Licra Spalmato!

Marabou 491

Colorful and lively scarf of natural feathers, ideal for the realization of dresses, theater and carnival accessories.

Elastic Leather Hypnos

The leatherette fabric is widely used in the entertainment industry, especially thanks to its versatility and its ability to adapt to body movements, making them fluid and comfortable.

Polyspan fabric

A very special fabric, light and shiny, perfect for decorative uses and for the creation of clothes and sceneries for dance and entertainment. Many color variations available to give life to all ideas, even those seemingly impossible.

Discover now the Cimmino proposals: Tessuto Polyspan Cromo, Tessuto Polyspan Dynamic, Tessuto Polyspan Flux UV, Tessuto Polyspan Metropolis, Tessuto Polyspan Victoria, Tessuto Polyspan Ariel!

Fabric Space Foil

A candy paper fabric, available in various shades, and used for the realization of stage dresses, costumes and decorations carnival and fabrics for packaging.

Sweat fabric

A 100% polyamide fixed fabric available in many colours: it is mainly used for the realization of elements that make up specific show clothes, such as leotards and trousers. Chosen for the comfort it guarantees and for the great versatility it ensures.

Fabric Tania

Among the many elastic materials, this non-elastic fabric stands out, available in three bright colours. It is proposed as a valid starting material, to be used both for the creation of dresses for stage performances and for carnival costumes.

Of course all the fabrics listed can be used both in the dance and in the show, both for the clothes and for the sets. Browse now the catalog of the best fabrics for dance and show Cimmino and choose the colors and patterns best suited to what you want to achieve!