Best Ready Fashion Fabrics

The best fabrics for Fast Fashion clothing

Fast Fashion is an economic and productive system that pursues the new trends and needs of the markets, ensuring the topicality of the stylistic proposal and speed of delivery. When we talk about ready-to-wear fashion, we refer essentially to the industrial sector of ready-made clothing.
Production times are reduced, with uninterrupted product outflows and sudden replenishments.
Let’s find out together with Cimmino when to talk about Ready fashion clothing and what are the best ready fashion fabrics to select!

The best fabrics for the Fast Fashion sector

Consumers’ demands, which are constantly changing and need to be met immediately, are the basis of the concept of Fast Fashion. Cimmino has selected the best ready-to-wear fabrics, in its vast online shop, to get closer and closer to the needs of the customer, without penalizing the quality of the proposals. A catalog of fabrics constantly updated to respond clearly and punctually to the demands of the fast fashion industry, identifying and anticipating the trends of the moment.

Fabric Vicuña

The term “vicuña” or “vicuña wool” refers to a fabric made from the hair of the animal of the same name. This wool is soft and light to the touch, of medium weight, resistant and suitable for the creation of winter or mid-season clothes, such as trousers, jackets and capes, mainly for a male audience, but also for women. The garments made of vicuña are comfortable, warm and refined. Vicuna can also be synthetic, made with a mix of fibers, such as viscose and polyester. In this regard, Cimmino selects two different types of vicuna: Vigogna Superfine, in 65% Polyester and 35% Viscose, particularly suitable for the packaging of classic men’s trousers; Vigogna Pura Lana Ileana, made with 100% wool. In the second case we have a wider color choice than the first fabric, available only in the color of brown: brown, gray, blue, black, anthracite and cream.


Satin fabric

Satin is a fine, shiny, smooth, uniform fabric with a soft hand. Although its excellent material is silk, satin can also be made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or elastane, or even cotton. Cimmino’s catalogue includes many satin fabrics, such as Sandra Extra Elastic Satin. It is a fresh and elegant stretch satin fabric that combines the typical shine of satin with the freshness and comfort of cotton. It is ideal for making classy garments such as trousers, skirts, jackets and dusters, but also home accessories such as pillows.

Lace fabric

Lace is a type of lightweight fabric, precious and decorated, obtained thanks to a particular processing of yarns. This process creates more or less articulated designs and textures, which make the fabric unique. The lace fabrics are available in the catalog of Cimmino in different variants of patterns and colors. The Elastic Lace Gemini is a fabric with a classic and elegant design with a floral theme and a soft hand. Thanks to the wide range of colors available and its versatility, it is suitable for making clothes for Prêt-à-porter and ceremony. The Sally Stretch Glitter Lace is a stretch lace with basic colors and with application of glitter that make it particularly bright. It is suitable for the realization of dance costumes, Carnival, prêt-à-porter and ceremony. The Atlas Elastic Lace is very elegant and is mainly used for the production of classic dresses, inserts, bodices, outerwear and dance dresses. The Alexandra Elastic Lace is light, soft and with attractive floral prints. Also the latter lends itself very well to the packaging of dresses, women’s accessories, dance costumes and formal dresses. The Lace Clara is a must-have for women’s accessories and is available in many fashionable colors. We conclude the selection of lace with the fine and elegant Pizzo Andalusia, characterized by a classic and delicate floral pattern that denotes extreme refinement, for women who do not want to give up their femininity.


Chiffon fabric

Chiffon is a very versatile fabric in the fashion field. Marinella Chiffon fabric is suitable for the packaging of women’s evening dresses, blouses, elegant blouses, scarves, stoles and bedding. Chiffon Glitter is another transparent veil fabric, but with the presence of glitter, soft hand, extremely light and durable. Also this type of fabric is particularly suitable for the manufacture of women’s evening dresses, blouses, elegant blouses and scarves.

Jersey Fabric

The sweater, also called jersey, is a soft, thin and light fabric obtained from knitting natural fibers, such as cotton, or synthetic, such as polyester and elastane. Printed Sweater Bloom is a fabric in 100% Polyester printed, light and shiny, perfect for creating women’s dresses of different types. Frida Cotton Sweater is instead a fabric of 90% cotton and 10% elastane, OEKO-TEX 9001 certified. STANDARD 100. This cotton jersey is ideal for outdoor and sports clothing, as well as ensuring a good thermal seal in low temperatures.


You can find the best fabrics for Fast Fashion on Manifattura Foderami Cimmino: a constantly updated catalogue at your disposal!