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The best fabrics for sea fashion

With the arrival of summer and beach holidays, you can not miss the right materials. The main fabrics used in the creation of swimsuits are stretch, able to adhere well to the body shapes.

With soft and sinuous lines, these fabrics are also designed to withstand the wear of time and frequent washing. The materials must be breathable and hypoallergenic, especially when it comes to underwear. Let’s discover together with Cimmino which are the best fabrics for the beachwear sector.

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The best fabrics for swimwear

The swimsuit is the main garment of the summer season. It can be worn for a beach holiday, to go to the pool or spa, or to embark on a nice boat trip.
For this reason, it becomes essential to feel comfortable with our body and what we wear. So what are the best swimsuit fabrics?


The lycra fabricis the most used and appreciated for swimwear, thanks to its incredible elasticity and flexibility, able to guarantee a higher than average resistance. Lycra is breathable and allows the light to pass well, although it has a filtering action of the sun’s rays. The colors remain bright and the graphics intact, despite frequent washing.


Nylon is often used together with other fibers, such as lycra. It is a lightweight, resistant and filtering fabric: it avoids alterations due to sunlight and possible contact with chemical agents.
It has the ability not to deform, so it perfectly maintains the shape and avoids unsightly folds.


Elastane is a synthetic fiber obtained from the processing of polyurethane. This material boasts excellent elasticity, which allows it to stretch up to 8 times its length without breaking or creasing, and then immediately return to its original shape. There is therefore more than one reason why it is so appreciated for sea fashion. Elastane reduces creases, ensures a great fit and can also be combined with other fibers.

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Neoprene is a technical material made from synthetic rubber. It is mainly used to create the costumes of water sports athletes. It is a flexible, breathable, elastic fabric with a very robust structure, which allows the costume to resist cuts and lacerations. It also boasts considerable stain-resistant capabilities and does not discolor in the sun.


Lurex is a yarn with a metallic look. The wire is the interweaving of more synthetic fibers plus a layer of vaporized aluminum. The peculiarity of this fabric is given by its brilliance, a feature that gives the costume an original and modern look.


This type of fabric is made from the processing of natural fibers such as cotton and allows you to create garments with a woven structure. Unlike lurex, poplin fabric is used to make vintage costumes. Compared to the aforementioned fabrics, this has different characteristics: it remains soft and fresh when in contact with the skin and allows you to achieve an elegant appearance.

The best fabrics for the sea selected by Cimmino

The sea fashion is not only made of costumes, but also towels to take by the pool or the beach. Cimmino knows this well and therefore offers a wide range of fabrics: a catalogue always full of new ideas and ideas for the summer season. These ideas are translated into micro-patterns, patterns, geometric designs and graphic prints with a strong visual impact, creating real beachwear collections. Let’s find out what are the best fabrics sea of Cimmino!

Sponge Poly RiccioBlock®

The first fabric selected is a sponge 100% polyester available in only white color and made with the characteristic knittable texture. It is ideal for making excellent bathroom linen with custom prints, to dry once out of the water.

sponge poly riccioblok
Marta honeycomb sponge

Sponge honeycomb Marta

We also have a very soft 100% cotton sponge, ideal for making high quality bath fabrics such as towels and bathrobes, thanks to the high absorbency. It is available in the following colors: pink, white, cream and light blue.

Cotton Sponge

Another 100% cotton sponge with a wide range of colours: it is available in yellow, red, blue, black and coral. It is perfect for the creation of super absorbent beach towels, as well as for packaging special accessories such as cuffs and sleeves.

cotton sponge
Acquadance sweater

Acquadance sweater

This particular fabric, available in solid colors (white, flesh and black), is usually used as an inner lining for sports costumes or for beach.

Lorella Bielastica

As the name suggests, we are faced with an elastic and shiny-looking fabric. Its strong resistance and excellent fit make it particularly suitable for making swimsuits or for sports. Available in a wide color chart, such as lilac, blue, turquoise, ruby, black, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green. It is definitely a fabric not to be missed if you want to make beautiful fashionable costumes.

Lorella bielastica
Katerina bielastico

Katerina Bielastico Matto

Another elastic fabric in both weft and warp, but this time with an opaque appearance. Just like the aforementioned material, this is also used to make garments for sport and fashion. Oil, powder, wisteria, lilac, purple, burgundy and fuchsia are just some of the colours available in the wide assortment.

Microfiber fabric

The microfiber fabric is made of 100% polyester and is perfect for making towels and bathrobes from high absorbent grade.

microfiber fabric

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