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The best fabrics for underwear

Underwear has appeared since ancient times; starting from the Egyptians and the ancient Romans, who used it under their tunics, just think of the linen bandages used to protect the skin.

Over time the market has changed and evolved its garments according to the needs of the wearer. Since underwear is the first layer of clothing that we wear and therefore the one most in contact with our skin, it needs the right precautions especially in fabrics and also in coloring.
Both as regards the choice of women’s underwear and men’s underwear is necessary to make a suitable choice that gives adequate comfort and the right perspiration of the skin in order not to cause allergies or give off unpleasant odors. But how to choose suitable underwear? What does it actually include? What fabrics for underwear to choose? Let’s see it together with Manifattura Foderami Cimmino.

What is meant by underwear? And what does that include?

The expressions underwear define the set of clothing items worn under clothes and is used indifferently for both men’s and women’s underwear.
As for men’s underwear, the category is more limited in fact the man uses mainly 3 categories: underwear, t-shirts and socks. In the underpants section there are several elements such as briefs, boxers and suspenders. This last is a sort of bag with the function of containing the genitals that is used purely in sports. The briefs instead is a low-rise garment with elastic waistband, made of cotton or microfiber, which absorbs sweat and prevents the genitals from having too high a temperature. The boxer instead looks like a kind of very short shorts in which, however, the genitals are not collected but are more free. The t-shirts are the classic short or long sleeve shirts, with a V-neck or round, that are worn under shirts or other jerseys, while the socks are garments for leg and foot that allow to absorb sweat and prevent skin irritation.

Men's underware

Women’s underwear, on the other hand, is a wider category both in terms of number of items and stylistic choice. In fact, as we know, there is also lingerie that refers only to women’s garments and includes those most particular and refined garments.
Ladies’ underwearin fact, already for the underwear category is more assorted because next to the briefs we have the string, the thong and the culotte: string and thong have the buttocks almost completely uncovered and are therefore very sensual, the culotte instead has a higher waist and covers the whole butt with a slight containment function. The item of underwear for women par excellence is given by the bra that has the function of covering and containing the breast. There are various models and sizes but all now have a real function of clothing. The underwear for women is also composed of accessories such as: body, sheaths restraining and socks.

women's underwear

What is the most suitable fabric for underwear?

To make the most suitable choice for the best fabrics for underwear, it is advisable to pay attention to one of the most important steps, namely the different materials that make up the garments. There are many materials used for the production of underwear, but they are essentially divided into two main sections: that of natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics.
Natural fabrics are certainly the most suitable for those who put in the foreground respect for their body and the environment, among these the main ones used for underwear is cotton or silk for lingerie.
Synthetic fabrics are made from fibres obtained from petroleum derivatives and are often combined with other types of fabric, including microfiber.

Women’s underwear

Let’s go into more details to understand its characteristics and differences and therefore choose the underwear that best suits our needs.


Cotton is a natural fiber that is taken from the cotton plant that grows in warm climates. The higher the percentage of this single component, the higher the quality. Cotton is a durable and breathable material, it does not irritate the skin and is not excessively adherent. The underwear woman, in particular, the one made in cotton is perhaps the most comfortable and breathable of all the fabrics on the market as it is a soft, light, natural and hypoallergenic material can keep the PH of the skin stable.
On our website you will find the Voile Harmonia Fabric, which features 100% cotton and natural colors so it turns out to be very light, soft and fresh.
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Microfiber is a combination of ultra-thin fibers such as elastane and polyamide. The extreme lightness of the fiber makes the microfiber fabrics soft and smooth to the touch while ensuring resistance and lightness and is also a highly breathable material.
In fact, often, men’s underwear and women’s underwear in microfiber is used in sports, because the absence of annoying seams does not create problems during sports activity.

On our website you can find a soft and elastic Venice Extra Fabric composed of 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane;

for a more resistant and sport-friendly microfiber fabric, we present Elastic Ity Fabric composed of 95% polyester and 5% elastane.
Suitable for delicate sports such as dance is our Costina Era Fabric, made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane.

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