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The best fabrics for wedding favors and outfits

For special occasions, you can not miss the wedding favor with the classic tulle bag that accompanies the object to give to guests. Symbol of each ceremony, the wedding favors represent the indelible memory of that day, which is why it is so important to choose specific fabrics and materials to make them.

Browse the catalog of Manifattura Foderami Cimmino and discover now how to carefully choose the fabrics forfavors or outfits and how to pack the best memories!

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Fabrics and tulle for wedding favors and outfits

Some of the most appreciated fabrics for making wedding favors or taking care of the arrangements are undoubtedly tulle and organza, to be purchased by the meter and cut to measure. A more modern solution, to pack gadgets and accessories to give, is the canvas: ecological, unusual and innovative. There are many types of fabrics available in different varieties of color, to offer every time to fans of the industry interesting ideas and creative solutions. The canvas can be made of cotton, linen, hemp or jute.

Cotton is biodegradable, waterproof and hypoallergenic, nicknamed the plant for a thousand uses since ancient times. Linen is a fresh and breathable material, particularly appreciated to reproduce the fantastic confetti bags. The same goes for hemp, another natural and biodegradable fabric. Jute is one of the most resistant materials ever used in the packaging industry: perfect for compact, robust and at the same time light and thick packaging.

In the packaging sector, fabric bagsare very popular because they can be reused for a long time and in alternative ways. Thanks to the increasing demand, it is possible to find a wide choice of customized, flexible and resistant fabrics: those specially selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino meet all these needs and are organized in a functional way to allow you to immediately find everything that suits your needs.

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Let’s discover some of the fabrics in the category of wedding favors & decorations.

Tulle Bonbonniere

The tulle favors is refined and elegant, perfect for making traditional favors and to make decorations and various objects. It is available in classic shades of white, beige and ivory and can also be used to pack wedding veils, given its natural colors.


Tulle Mother of Pearl

The mother of pearl tulle with a semi-rigid hand is enriched by a light lamination that gives the fabric a certain shine. It is available in 13 different trendy colors, from pastel to fluorescent tones.
The peculiarity of this tulle is given by its remarkable versatility that makes it incredibly favorite in the decoration industry and in the packaging of beautiful wedding favors.

Organza Rainbow Iridescent

This canvas weave fabric is thin, transparent and rigid-handed. Its main feature is given by the color diversity between the warp threads and those of the weft: in fact, looking from two different angles, the shade changes becoming almost iridescent. It is available in the colors of purple, green, blue, burgundy and pink. The peculiarity of this organza fabric makes it suitable for many uses, especially for making wedding favors or taking care of scenic settings.


Canvas Juta Calcutta Natural

If you prefer a more natural and modern packaging, canvas fabric is definitely the best choice.
It is a 100% natural raw jute canvas with a dense texture, ideal for coating handmade objects and much more. It finds a wide application also in the field of floriculture: in fact, this canvas is perfect for containing dried flowers and small seedlings.

Canvas Jute Calcutta Color

Jute 100% natural available in 16 different colors and suitable for creative hobbies, decorations, gifts, bags, bags, favors or to use in the field of floriculture.


Canvas Jute Laminated

Also this canvas lends itself to many uses in the field of decoration, packaging and favors especially Christmas theme. The lamination inside the canvas gives that extra touch of brightness.
It is available in cream and gold or burgundy and gold.

How to sew bags for wedding favors

Anyone looking for ideas to make confetti bagsor fabric favors holder, is definitely in the right place. Everything you need is summarized in: two squares of fabric in different patterns, a pair of scissors with zigzag blade, needle and thread, ribbons and a sewing machine.

We start by cutting two squares of fabric 13x13cm, choosing the pattern, the model or the most suitable color for the type of ceremony. For example, with the red jute you can create confetti or favor holders for graduation. The white color is ideal for a wedding; pink and blue are instead for a baptism, depending on the sex of the child, and so on.

jute bags wedding favors

The two squares of cloth should be placed one on top of the other making them match, then the corner is bent towards the center in order to form a triangle. Once bent all the corners towards the center, fix them with a pin and sew the flaps under the machine about 1.5 cm from the edge. With a needle, we pass two ribbons inside the drawstring that has formed. Coming out with the needle at each corner and re-entering the next hole, we let the ribbon do the whole turn, until you return to the starting hole. At this point, we open the flaps of the bag, pull a little ribbons and insert the confetti inside. Once you pull the ribbons and make a beautiful bow, we will finally have a beautiful candy holderentirely made of fabric!