The sporty-chic sweatshirt is the trend of the moment

From the street-style to the catwalk comes the sporty-chic style, proving to be one of the biggest trends of the latest seasons where all the classic sportswear garments take on a fashion value, giving life to original and cool looks.

The revolution of sporty chic began, in essence, when some basic sportswear items (sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings and sneakers) were emancipated from their purely utilitarian function to be transferred into casual and glamorous clothes.

Luxury brands draw on the experience of those who have explored other textile processing and production possibilities and borrow the inspiration of sportswear designers for high fashion collections. This transfer of styles and stylistic elements from one fashion to the other has created the sporty-chic.

The sweatshirt is a piece of clothing made with a jersey of a certain consistency, with the inner side plush.
Originally created to practice sports, it is also worn regularly (like sweaters and pullovers). The sweatshirt exists in different versions: with hood, sleeveless, with zipper or with a central pocket. It can be made of different fabrics as thick, heavy and warm.

To obtain complete sporty-chic look, the perfect match could be skirts, black leather, fringes with metallic touches. Adding fun accessories, such as scarves with unusual patterns, is also a good trick. This is the simplest but smart way to dress in the cold.

Here are the Cimmino fabrics perfect for creating the sporty-chic sweatshirt: