Top 3 Cimmino fabrics for the perfect summer dress

The perfect summer dress must be made with lightweight and breathable fabrics that can give comfort, especially during the high temperatures of this period. Ideally combine fresh fabrics with trendy shapes and light colors, which do not absorb heat, such as blue, light green, yellow and white.

Here are the top 3 summer dress designs that can be made with Cimmino lightweight fabrics:

Mini dress in broderie anglaise

In white, it is elegant and refined, colorful is more fresh and cheerful, the broderie anglaise is the main fabric for every spring-summer season.

Choose Cimmino fabric PIZZO SAN GALLO EXTRA made of 100% cotton, woven in natural fibers, with openwork or full relief floral or geometric embroidery.
Weights: 130 gr/mtl, 93 gr/sqm.

Linen dress

If you opt for comfort: the linen dress is flowy and casual. The cut is simple and comes just above the ankles.

Choose Cimmino fabric TESSUTO LINO ABBIGLIAMENTO natural fiber with breathable power, which combines beauty and sustainability, freshness to the touch and brightness.
Weights: 215 gr/mtl, 159 gr/sqm.

Slip dress

They look like undergarments and nightgowns, but they are meant to be worn throughout the day: these dresses have a unique and sophisticated style. Choosing a good fabric is essential for the slip dress as it is able to enhance the body curves.

Choose Cimmino fabric GIAMAICA SETAFIX which is soft on the skin and absorbs moisture.
Weights: 170 gr/mtl, 113 gr/sqm.