Trend jeans and Cimmino fabrics

Women’s jeans are considered the basis of every casual look combined with sneakers, and if well matched with shoes and sandals they can also be the highlight of more demanding outfits to enrich with important bags and accessories. Basically, jeans are a fundamental item, and for this reason with the approach of the hot season it is time to understand which jeans are trendy at the moment.

High-waisted skinny jeans

The high waist is a must for some time, even if it is not exactly a cut that suitable to all body types. They match with shirts and an open jacket or cardigan on top, or with short sweaters. They go well with any type of shoes.

The Cimmino fabric to use: JEANS CALIFORNIA

80’s high waist Mom Jeans

The mom jeans is a type of trousers that is characterized by a high waist and a slightly wide and straight cut. The great advantage is their enormous comfort. As for the pairings: these jeans should be reserved for sports and casual outfits, and combined with sneakers and comfortable shoes, t-shirts or basic sweaters that do not over-load the look.

The Cimmino fabric to use: JEANS PECOS

Ripped jeans

They are always a good option for casual and comfortable outfits and to soften the look. The ideal compromise is to choose a straight and sober cut jeans with some artfully made tear, which makes casual look without appearing out of place.

The Cimmino fabric to use: JEANS ELASTICO OLIMPIA COL 70 BLU

Boyfriend jeans or wide-leg jeans

Boyfriend jeans, which are simply distinguished by being very wide. This model is one of the real innovations of the season and at first glance it might seem difficult to match, but in reality it is incredibly versatile: it can be the basis of a super sports outfit, but also of a more elegant outfit, to be matched with heeled shoes, silk shirts and bonton sweaters.

The Cimmino fabric to use: JEANS ELAST. OLIMPIA

Denim dungarees

Dungarees must have a boyfriend cut and must be especially comfortable. To take into consideration for the summer also the overalls in the culotte and shorts version.

The Cimmino fabric to use: JEANS MY STAMPATO COL 1 UNITO

90’s vintage high waist jeans with stars

The selection could only end with the high-waisted jeans worn often by our 90s idols. This model with the star print can be combined with sweatshirts, the parisians and the amphibians by Dr Martens to get the grunge mood exactly like in the 90s.

The Cimmino fabric to use: COTONE EFFETTO JEANS