What is the cady fabric? Characteristics and uses

Among the many fabrics used for women’s clothing stands out the cady, with its melodious name and refined appearance. Today Manufacture Lining Cimmino leads us to the discovery of cady fabric, particularly suitable for the realization of magnificent wedding dresses.

The name of this fabric comes from the city of Cadiz in Spain, the place from which its origins derive. The cady is a double-faced fabric consisting of a double warp with a high density of threads, while the weft is presented in combed frizz with several garments. On the one hand it appears rough and rough, on the other shiny and uniform.

The cady has always been used in the field of clothing, but in ancient times it was used mainly in the religious field to tunics and vestmentsthat were to appear as sacred vestments and of some importance, but was also widely used to make large palandrane with long sleeves, lined with fur, which were worn as cloaks of the richest people, belonging to the social classes of the nobility and the upper bourgeoisie.

cucire tessuto cady

Types of cady fabric

The cady fabric is available in different types: you can find the cady canvas or the cady satin, the cady wool or the cady silk, the cady cotton or the cady raion viscose. The silk cady is the most valuable and is used especially for evening dresses. It is particularly loved for its perfect fall and is presented in various weights and shades of color: in the variant white or ivory is used to make wedding dresses, while in the black version it represents the starting point for the creation of sheaths from the sliding line. In its infinite shades is the favorite fabric for the realization of draped dresses, with drip necklines and special cuts.

Cady fabric: what is it used for?

The cady is among the precious fabrics chosen for wedding dresses, in particular for the simple and essential models, such as the one worn by Meghan Markle. The wife of Prince Harry has opted for a minimal wedding dress characterized by the elegant boat neckline and three-quarter sleeves made of double-link silk cady: the fabric “shiny opaque” has managed to enhance the shade of pure white much desired by the protagonist of the wedding.

The biased cut gives the cady fabric for wedding dress a special elasticity, creating a snug effect that is much loved by brides who have chosen a simple ceremony, but chic, and they do not want to give up a touch of sensuality on the most important day of their life.

The cady fabric is also used to give shape to formal dresses, elegant and refined, designed for different occasions and special events to attend. This kind of clothes is asked for the maximum fit, an embrace of comfort and aesthetics: the movements must be fluid and precious details, to give back the image of value that you expect from a dress chosen for a special evening.

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Making clothes using the cady is not an easy thing: it is a recommended fabric for expert seamstresses, because it is very slippery and tends to move while sewing, for which you use needle and thin thread.

You have to be very careful about the length and tension of the stitches: if the stitches are not adjusted exactly the fabric tends to curl and not respect the desired shape.

Being a particularly delicate fabric for washing it is good to read carefully the label that accompanies it: it is preferable dry cleaning or a specific program for delicate garments. The time of ironing is also to be considered, as steam tends to curl this type of fabric.

Crepe Cady Atena Fabric

Within the wide range of fabrics for formal dresses selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino stands out the fabric Crepe Cady Atena, a light and elastic material, declined in numerous trendy shades of color. It is used to make elegant pieces of clothing and entire ceremonial clothes to show off on occasions where maximum refinement is required.

The Cady Athena fits within the family of fabrics that take the generic name of crêpe fabrics: they are different fabrics in composition and weight, united by the rippled, grainy and wavy look.

The crepe fabric Zaira, for example, is lightweight, particularly suitable for making blouses and blouses, dresses and skirts, wide trousers, wedding and ceremony gowns. The Scuba Crepe Stretch fabric, however, is a soft and durable elastane polyester fabric, used in the field of casual and sports clothing.

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino is a guarantee of high quality and variety: the fabrics in the catalogue can be used in various fields, from furniture to clothing, through packaging and hobbies: discover the best Cimmino fabrics for wedding dresses, such as the Cady fabric, an elegant and versatile material, ready to be transformed into the most suitable dress for a great day!