Xmas Comics & Games 2018: The great inspiration for Cimmino

On 15th and 16th of December, Lingotto Fiere hosted the Xmas Comics & Games 2018, in its fifth edition, a Christmas preview of the exciting comics market exhibition held every year in April. It is a great party dedicated to comics, games, videogames and youtubers.

But the main attraction are always them: cosplay. Creative costumes of comics characters, movies and video games from distant worlds.

Within a colorful and lively environment, many opportunities to meet new friends with the same passion; workshops to learn and improve the design of subjects but also the creation of screenplays and storyboards.

Cimmino has always been a great admirer of Comics & Games because it represents one of the biggest and most interesting sources of inspiration for the creative use of fabrics.

For example, Spider-Man who has been a famous character in comics and the world of cinema for dozens of years, and his costume has been reproduced in different versions over time. For the original comics costume, choose the following Cimmino fabrics:


All our photos of the event can be found on the Facebook page of Cimmino.