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  • Tessuto Panama Orwell

    Classica cuja unita in cotone/ poliestere in altezza 280 cm, può essere usato per la realizzazione di tende coprenti, cuscineria, copriletti e tappezzeria.

  • Tessuto M/L Artemide


    Tessuto in misto lino in altezza 320 cm, grazie alla sua altezza, si adatta sia alla realizzazione di tovagliati e coordinati, sia per tappezzeria.

  • Tessuto Scamosciato Texas


    Microfibre fabric suitable for furnishing and home decor thanks to its suede effect. It is a very versatile article thanks to its soft hand and a rich color chart.

  • Tessuto Panama Eliot

    Half panama fabric in 100% polyester, piece dyed and mainly used for your ideas in upholstery and home decor.

  • Tessuto Velour Arredamento

    Velvet fabric in warm, solid colours, very elegant. with a soft hand.

  • Tessuto Santa Klaus D/F

    Tessuto in Panama stile tirolese con classici disegni natalizi arricchiti da una leggera glitteratura dorata. Disponibile in tre varianti utilizzabile in double face.

  • Tessuto Natale Lame’ Jacquard

    This article is a jacquard fabric made with laminated yarns. It can be used for tablecloths, runners, cushions, creative, decorative, design furniture and bedspreads.

  • Tessuto Andromeda


    PVC fabric with a leather effect, washable and very wear-resistant. Nonetheless, it’s very light and soft. Uses: upholstery, chairs’, sofas’ and cushions’ covering.

  • Tessuto Panama Robinson cm 280


    Tessuto panama in 100% Cotone altezza 280 cm, può essere usato per la realizzazione di tende coprenti, cuscineria, copriletti e tappezzeria.

  • Tessuto Drill Arianna cm 320

    Tess. Armatura drill con stampa a pigmento, usato principalmente per cuscini tende foulard e tovagliati in tutte le misure, e grazie all’altezza 320 cm puo’ essere usato anche per la tovaglia circolare da 160 cm.

  • Tessuto Panama Blossom cm 280

    Tess. In half panama, con disegni variopinti di tedenza su base cuia. Grazie all’altezza in 280 cm, si presa alla realizzazione di svariati progetti homedecor.

  • Tessuto Panama Liberty cm 280

    Tessuto in panama di cotone 100% h. 280. L’articolo si presenta di alto pregio ed e’ declinato in due disegni floreali replicati in 4 colori modaioli e di tendenza. Il tessuto e’ coordinabile con la tenda liberty cm 310. L’articolo puo’ essere utilizzato per decorazione, mantovane e calate, cuscineria, pareti imbottite e copriletti.

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Upholstery fabrics: a touch of elegance and originality to interior design

Manifattura Foderami Cimmino offers fabrics to give an original touch to the different rooms of the house, but also to a business, accommodation facility or office. Here is the catalog full of ideas for upholstery, declined in the most varied patterns and chromatic shades, with characteristics that make these fabrics resistant and moldable according to the various styles of furniture.

The upholstery fabrics selected by Cimmino represent an indispensable furnishing component for tastefully furnishing domestic environments, be they classic, modern or contemporary. The spaces become welcoming and comfortable, precious and refined, depending on the type of upholstery fabric chosen.
Upholstery fabrics: choose the best to furnish your rooms
Fabrics and materials are full-bodied, soft and resistant, perfect for making upholstery lighter and simpler, but also more complex and elaborate, with attention to the smallest details to restore a harmonious and welcoming image of the interiors decorated with high quality furnishing elements .

Thus, it is possible to choose from infinite variations of upholstery fabrics that possess the characteristics required in the sector, such as elasticity, resistance to washing and wear, elegance and breathability. To the touch, they give back a feeling of softness and comfort, while the sight is satisfied by the mix of colors, designs and textures that makes the offer by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino unique in its kind.