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  • Cotone Stampato Patchwork Spring

    Floral cotton embraces a color palette of pastel colors, weaving a harmonious patchwork. This fabric conveys a romantic and fashionable feel while offering a fresh and versatile touch. Perfect for craft projects and various accessories.

  • Cotone Stampato Comics

    Tessuto di cotone ispirato al mondo dei manga ed anime. Perfetto per i teenagers, che abbracciano la creatività, incarnando uno stile giovanile e dinamico, offrendo un tocco di originalità a qualsiasi indumento o accessorio.

  • Tulle Nylon Stars

    Tulle in poliammide con applicazioni in foil multicolore, perfetto per una vasta gamma di progetti creativi e lavoretti a mano.  Utilizzato per realizzare decorazioni per le feste: fiocchi, nastri o decorazioni da appendere per compleanni, matrimoni e altre occasioni speciali.  Per l’abbigliamento: dona dettagli decorativi a vestiti, gonne e accessori come scialli e stole. Per l’artigianato: decorazioni per capelli, fiocchi per scarpe, fiorellini e decorazioni per borse.

  • Sfioccato Groenlandia

    Hypoallergenic, elastic, soft and voluminous fiber. good for padding, Christmas gadgets, decorations and cushions.

  • Sintetico Iceland gr 150

    Ovatta in fibra di poliestere utilizzata in sartoria come materiale di imbottitura.

  • Cotone Digital Show 2022


    Soft-hand cotton canvas and all-over patterned print with different themes. It has very bright and vibrant colors. It isn used to create settings and accessories for events, for baby’s fabric and home decor linen.

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Remnants for Hobby and Handcraft: choose your material for creativity

A catalogue that is always updated with fabrics to enable all creative output, giving a choice from the range of products on online remnants, fabrics made for everyday use and creative hobbies, that cover the needs of those with a passion for handmade items.

Depending on the method used and the required effect, the different textiles selected by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino are an easy choice for activities such as handcraft, patchwork and much more. The best fabrics and materials to realize handmade creations and transform ideas into concrete reality.

Handcraft & Patchwork fabrics: the best materials by Manifattura Foderami Cimmino

In the vast Cimmino selection one can find high quality and strong fabrics, that are more resistant because of how compact they are: these don’t tend to fray while being worked or with time and are ideal in the creation of decorations, cushions, and handmade blankets.

There are many types and models of fabrics, available in numerous colorings and themes, easy to cut to give each original creation the desired shape: these are fabrics that can be worked with both by hand and with a sewing machine, safe and non-toxic, ideal even to make items for children. These textiles and materials have been created specifically to be cut, sewn, folded and glued to give life to any handmade work.